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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Worship Guy!

Okay, so here he is...WORSHIP GUY! His arms are too long, his hands are too big, one foot is bigger then the other, his head is a bit mishapen, he has had some problem with balance (though frankly, most men do at one time or another)... he has no ears (also not surprising)...but he is finished! He is my first sculpture/3-D art! I am proud of my work.

I now wonder even more...HOW DOES GOD DO IT ALL! How does He continue to create with such incredible creativity and not give up or consider anything a "failure" and toss it aside.

Thank you God for all your creation!

I am humbled.

Worship Guy


GiBee said...

Oh, my goodnes! I love it!!! How did you make this?!? It turned out so beautifully!!!

Wow! You really have talent. I've often thought of an idea I have for an outdoor copper sculpture, but never knew how to go about making it...

I'm very impressed. VERY.

kpjara said...

I'm SO glad you're back! You are like my own personal cheerleader! Go KIM, GO!

You should "go for it" with regards to your sculpture idea...I let FEAR hold me back for far too's nowhere near as hard as I thought as long as you can accept imperfection as individuality!

Blessings for a wonderful week back to work and "blogdom!"


Faith said...

Wow! I am impressed. I came here from GiBee's site and Glad i did. Don't you know that all of those "imperfections" is what makes it ART? One of a kind. that's what ya' got there. Hooray for you!!

Jeana said...


Shalee said...

How wonderful that you put this up! My husband (artist too) is always overanalyzing his work. I just say to him "Hush and let me enjoy what I like about it!"

I love the color and the way the fold are shown in the clothing. As long as you go with the abstract side of art, you can say that your worship guy is reaching with all his might to touch the hand of God.

Or you can just say, "Arms are out of proprotion. I'll remember that next time."

Either way, it's really good!

Nancy said...

I think he looks great. I am an artist too (2D) and am my own worst critic. I recently listening to The Artist's Way on audio. It really made me realize that my art is a gift from God and it is my purpose to do it. How freeing! See my blog for more if you like.

Morning Glory said...

Kim, It's really fabulous! Good for you!

My husband is a choral director and I've been to lots and lots of concerts, some directed by him and some by other directors. You captured the heart of them!

kpjara said...

I'm so honestly touched by each of your comments. Thank you, truly, from the bottom of my heart. The toughest thing about art (to me) is wanting it to be accepted, but even more...wanting it to be the way your mind sees it.

Now I have new places to roam and visit as well! Forgive my lurking as I find my way around.

Chaotic Mom said...

Okay, wow, I am just speechless. That is amazing. What an amazing heart you must have, and wonderful talent.

I was directed to this post through Kisses of Sunshine.

Chaotic Mom said...

The no ears thing makes me think of how we really listen to God, with our hearts. Something my boys talked about yesterday in the car, on the way home from school. ;)

Karen said...

It's really wonderful. You are a talented woman.

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