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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's Official...

I carry my stress in my back. Ever since I have been enduring this Sciatica pain I have been searching and searching for something to reduce the pain. I’ve tried OTC meds, visits to afterhours clinics, pain pills, light massage, heating pad, just about everything. Then I finally broke down and decided to try a Chiropractor.

I had never been to a Chiropractor before, but having worked in the medical field, was always quite leery. However, lately, many people I know have mentioned finding relief from ongoing chronic pain type problems through a Chiropractor. I took a referral from someone I trust, and someone who is not one of those Vegan, ‘organic foods’ only, Yoga practicing people, that I tend to associate Chiropractors with. This person is sort of like me. She works hard, tends to internalize stress, normal, everyday sort of woman who struggles with some back pain.

Anyway, the office got me in quickly. I was scheduled for 9:30 a.m. Monday, and I went in with high expectations, but a bit tentative in the techniques. It started off ‘normal’ enough. They took my B/P, weight, height, general vitals and then I was advised the Doctor would be in shortly. The doctor I saw was a young women (probably in her 30’s), very sweet and knowledgeable about ‘spine’ related injuries.

We started discussing the onset and my half-marathon and then she began an exam. The exam part was a bit painful as she really felt deep within my back to find the tension in my spine. She assessed that I did indeed have a LOT of tension in my back all the way from my neck down. I could’ve told her that without touching. Then she asked about my pain and did a brief strength exam before sending me across the hall for some ‘work’.

I went across the hall, put on their ‘gown’ and lay down on the ‘table’. This young women with darling shoes (I could only see her shoes so I think it’s important they think enough to wear cute shoes), began explaining a little about what was going to happen. I received an electric stimulation type massage, then a light hand massage, then she began a deep tissue massage that when I mentioned it hurt, she said, it should. She worked and worked for what seemed forever…and then she did more electric stimulation, and left me like that for 15 minutes more.

After all that the doctor came back in and proceeded to put me in a position on my side, then climbed up on my leg (no joke) and pressed down on my back to ‘stretch’ the back. Uh, YES, IT’S STRETCHING ALL RIGHT! I thought I was going to scream, but she was off quickly and I did tell her it hurt quite a bit. She informed me that when I come back, next week, the other doctor would be doing much more of that, so it’s best to prepare for it and get it started stretching.

OH MY! Should I schedule for a follow-up? Against my pain sensors I did go ahead and schedule a follow-up for next week. I crawled into my car…in intense pain, called the hubs to let him know I was through and to express some pain related sentiments, went home to my beloved pain medication, then back to work.

After several hours I did feel some relief and while I am dreading this long road of pain to recovery, I will be glad when the morning tears are done and I can awake and arise without pain.

The doctor also informed me that likely my injury occurred because after the marathon I really backed off my intense training, from doing 10-15 miles a week to doing 5-7 miles a week. She said this is a common injury for new ‘athletes’ that just stop working out as much as they did for an event training. The body needs to be weaned off this program just like it had to be trained up to that point.

…so if you’re planning on doing a marathon…even WALKING one, you better brace yourself for the after affects if you think you’re going to stop right afterwards!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Still Here...

I'm not completely gone...just focused on the last few weeks of work, job searching, sciatic pain and ongoing church stuff. Nothing really too new except anyone who knows a good way to deal with sciatica please, please let me know. I've never known such ongoing, intense, never-ending, faith compromising, sickening my life! It's really doing a number on my spirit and physical being.