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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Meme and a Trip...

I'm so excited...I've been 'tagged' for a Meme and I haven't done one in...let's see...oh about 1,000 years. Okay, a bit of an exaggeration perhaps...but it's been awhile, and it's from a new friend. I do realize I've been in a self-imposed state of seclusion with regards to saying much here until recently. But I do believe I have found the whisper that comes my way when I pipe down long enough to hear Him.

The hubs and I are going to Arkansas this weekend for a little family reunion on a side of the family I don't EVER get to see. I'm UBER-excited! We leave tomorrow a.m. and Mary Poppins is once again watching the 'girls' and our home. We'll be back Sunday evening and I'll try to post some pics and some words on our return. In the meantime here is my

Profile Meme:
My Blog Name is: kpjara

But people usually call me: Kim, Kimbo, Kimmers

I was born here: California

And I’ve lived here: California, Arkansas, Kansas, Colorado, Alaska, Maryland, New Mexico

Until I wound up here: Oklahoma

My occupation is/was: Billing & Collection Supervisor, Insurance Co.

My favorite color is: Lime Greem and Pink (all shades)

My favorite hobby is: crafting, reading, watching movies, writing

My favorite season is: Summer, FallBecause: I love it HOT, HOT, HOT…and I love the colors of Fall and the break from the HOT, HOT, HOT!

A few favorite books are: Anything by Karen Kingsbury, and a plethora of other fiction and non fiction Christian writers.

Some of my favorite music is: Toby Mac, any piano music, SuperChick,

My favorite kinds of movies are: Romantic Comedies and Drama, suspense

My favorite actor/actress is: Tom Hanks, Billy Crystal, Meg Ryan, Susan Sarandon

My favorite food indulgence is: Chocolate.

My favorite drink indulgence is: Vanilla Tea

My favorite dessert indulgence is: Cheesecake Factory’s Chocolate/coconut cake…YUM-O!

One weird thing about me is: My sense of humor is sometimes a bit ‘weird’.

One of my fantasies is: to win the lottery and give it all away…once the bills are paid off.

One of my pet peeves is: prejudice born of ignorance.

A big shout out to: Grandma Dawn, SuperMom, and anyone else feeling up to a little Meme!
and a BIGGER shout out to Maudie Mae. I look forward to getting to know you a bit more. Loved your answers by the way! I'll give a hey to Arkansas as I pass through and stay in one of those cabins you're seeking!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Before the Rain

We were expecting a storm system to travel through the metro this morning and the news stations all reminded us to bring our umbrella, be prepared, yada, yada, yada...

The dogs were very excited this morning as they heard some high frequency something in the sky that I couldn't hear. As I opened the door to let them out I did see some of that notorious green sky, indicating a storm was indeed on the way in full force.

I got my things together and turned on the television for the girls and started my short commute to work, in hopes of missing the rain altogether.

As I pulled out of the tree-covered neighborhood and the sky was clear of obstruction, I saw the most amazing thing...the rainbow BEFORE THE RAIN!!! It was an amazing Technicolor rainbow, as clear as I've seen for many years. It got me thinking about the reminders God gives us even before our this rainbow reminder.

I thought about my own storms recently and how God has prepared me and girded me with His Word and His love and His encouragement, before I walked one foot into life's storm. He reminded me that even when I doubt His covering...He covers me. He reminded me that even when I step onto the water and begin to sink, He is there to take my hand and lead me to dry land. He reminded me that when I am being pelted by stress, worry, fear...that He is the Father of mercy and grace and love.

I quit looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow because God has reminded me that the true beauty is in the reminder...that is the Rainbow.

I hope you have a rainbow-filled day!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

What Do I Deserve?

I went to my first Bunco Game last night. It was at the church we’re attending and I made a couple of observations. One…I like Bunco. It’s fun and fast paced and has great potential. Two…I don’t want to play it at church again. This game has a tendency to bring out…let’s just say…a not so pretty side of women. Yes…including me!

When I hear what I feel is negative, I begin to shut down. I pull away and withdraw from the activity. I know WHY, I just don’t know HOW to change it. And actually, I’m not sure I should change it. In any event, I almost won most Buncos…but there was a tie and I had a roll-off with the other woman competing and lost the roll-off. It got me thinking about what I DESERVE in life…

I know I’ve written here before, that ever since we’ve moved back to Oklahoma, God has been dealing with pride in my life. I’ve struggled understanding what I deserve and don’t deserve. I understand that I don’t DESERVE God’s grace and mercy but that’s the wonder of God. Grace is a gift. God’s grace is unmerited and UNdeserved favor from the all-powerful and incredibly loving God of the Universe. So while I may not deserve it…God lovingly offers it new each morning!

Satan knows this about me and he wreaks havoc every chance he gets. He tells me pretty regularly I don’t deserve the wonderful husband I have. I don’t deserve help from friends and family. I don’t deserve a good job or a healthy life or fun of any kind. I don’t deserve to feel any joy or any of those healing fruits of the Spirit. I don’t deserve redemption. I darn sure don’t deserve eternal life or Jesus Christ’s salvation.

Satan also reminds me what I do deserve. I deserve to fail. I deserve judgment. I deserve fear. I deserve loss. I deserve mistrust. I deserve anything bad. Satan tries to tell me each and every day what a loser I am.

I could tell you how easy it is to tell him to ‘bug-off’. But it’s not always so easy. It’s downright HARD most days. Some days I actually mistake his voice for God’s, usually the times when I haven’t been listening to God’s voice enough. Usually I remember that God doesn’t need a martyr, God wants our lives, to help us be the very glory he created us to be…in Him.

I pray today that God would remind each of us to be the friend we want to have and to seek every opportunity to encourage others around us each day.

Have a blessed Saturday!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Update From Here in the Heartland

WOW! It's been a while since I've last put fingers to keyboard (as the case may be). Lots of stuff happening, most of it probably not all that enthralling to anyone in the blogdom...other than me, but I'll journal some of it for my own records.

I shared previously that we were going to attend a church for awhile and just see how the settling in 'fits'. A part of that is attending a Wednesday night discipleship class as well as joining a women's encouragement group. I LOVE the encouragement group and I'm warming to the Wed. night class. The teacher on Wednesday is a bit green around the gills, but his heart is in the right place. His passion is discipleship...that is clear.

We also tried a different "small group" this month and it was a better fit than the other we visited. We may go back to this one or we may try one more group. For some reason my husband and I are more comfortable around the older crowds. I don't know if we enjoy being the youngest (after years of being considered seniors in our 30's), or if it's the wisdom this group has and shares so openly. Whatever it is, we typically find ourselves most at home with the 50-60 y.o. groups.

The encouragement group is a 'mystery encourager' for a quarter. So I've been having fun writing cards and picking out little gifts to encourage her on her journey. Plus, I'm all about wrapping the stuff and the presentation.

I'm also starting a women's study this Tuesday evening at another church in town that we had visited. While we aren't going to the church, I was interested in their studies and emailed the leader. The book is by Kay Arthur; "Lord, Teach Me How To Pray". I've read a few of her books, but done no studies. I do like her writing style and I know it can only add to what I already practice.

The most exciting news is that just a few short weeks ago I got to meet a blogger I've read and 'loved' and talked to on the phone a few REAL LIFE on a recent visit she made to Tulsa. The hubs and I drove up to meet with her for an afternoon amidst a family situation she was helping maintain. It was so exciting and she was as sweet and encouraging in person as she is on the phone and in writing. She doesn't write so much anymore...I don't know why, I think life has just sort of taken over, but I'm keeping her on my blog list because I know she'll check in eventually...I know you're dying to know WHO it is...well wait no longer, it is Time For Twittering, Tam.

We shopped a bit together and shared a bite to eat at Cheesecake Factory...which was a blast. I could talk to her easily all day and night for days on end if the opportunity ever presented itself...and I'm very excited about sometime...hopefully SOON getting to go up to her hometown and visiting her and her whole family!

That's pretty much it from here in the heartland! I hope all is well everywhere else in this blogdom and beyond. Christmas is fast approaching and I'm not ready, nor am I the slightest motivated about it. I love the season, but am rethinking the whole over-gifting least today.

Have a blessed and beautiful Pre-Fall Sunday!