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Friday, March 23, 2007


I have a new product endorsement (unpaid and unsolicited). You know the English muffins that come in the orange plastic wrap...I think the brand is Thomas. Well they have a new Bagel Bread and MINI Bagel Bread that made my breakfast this morning, in MORE ways than one. They ROCK!

Ever since the re-launching of the re-cycled Atkins, Low-carb craze...bread has...well...been less than 'toasted'. Rather bread has been BURNED! I miss the days of bagel breakfasts at work and home, even at church. I miss the green chile bagels and the chocolate chip bagels. I miss the everything bagel. One of Thomas' bagels IS the EVERYTHING bagel! Score!!!

Yes I understand the perils of eating white bread and all those starchy carbs as they convert directly to sugars...with my biology degree..but nothing beats the smell and taste of wonderful bread! I just have a hard time believing satan made bread and all bread products like doctors would have us believe!

The other nice thing about Thomas' mini-bagel is it is much smaller than a regular bagel. I know I can go to Panera and get what THEY call a's just not the same as the Bagels you could get back East or even the Einstein Bagels. These mini-bagels are still about the same size of a small hamburger bun, but they probably won't kill me quite as fast!

While we're on the subject of diets and dying...are people fools or WHAT? We flip back and forth on the diet thing as fast as the marketing companies commercialize them. We go from carbs, meat, fat, sugar...I could go on and on with these BANS...then there's the flip side: ONLY soup, ONLY grapefruit, ONLY cabbage, ONLY wonder we're all crazy and feel like we're starving! We still haven't mastered the core of 'EVERYTHING IN MODERATION.'

Satan knows all about our ways and I am almost certain he's at the root of all these diet cycles. You see the truth of the matter (OUR God-inhabited Matter) is that the very spirit within us, God's HOLY Spirit, brings with Him a FRUIT of self-control to help with the moderation of our lives, including our diets. There are other fruits you might be interested in as well: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and that wonderful aforementioned self-control. These are all found in our LIFEBOOK in Galatians 5.

I sure hope you're not on a FRUIT-FREE diet, but even if you are, these fruits will ONLY make you more healthy and wonderful. Claim the fruit's there just for YOU...and enjoy these mini-bagels too.

Could someone please pass the low-fat cream cheese?

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Truth is Out There

True Story #1: My husband and I were talking the other day about how he can't handle me touching his feet. He literally bucks like a wild animal. Thankfully I'm okay with not touching them...but it got me to thinking...

I asked him what he would do if Jesus were here and attempted to wash his feet?

He said, without pause or second-thought, "I just hope I wouldn't kick him in the head."

I burst into laughter at the picture of my husband kicking Jesus in the head for touching his feet. He then reminded me that since God created him, He would already know not to touch his feet, because God clearly knows how sensitive my husband is, to touch.

2nd True Story: I came home from lunch today, as I do every weekday, to let the 'girls' outside for a brief reprieve and I called for the 'big dog' who is now about 10 y.o. and she didn't come. My imagination was starting to get carried away with thoughts of an early demise in my house and having to find her somewhere in the house.

But somewhere in the distance I heard a slight scratching noise and as I looked down the hallway I saw the bathroom door was closed.

You see big-dog likes to lay in the bathroom, because it's the coolest room in the house and she runs HOT temperature with her long hair. Add to that, she has a 'cone-collar' on because of 'cherry-eye' she's developed late in life. You know where this is going.

Somehow she got in the bathroom and probably as she turned around to lie down she shut the door with her big cone-head self. I tried to open the door but she was so close it was getting caught on her 'cone'. It was funny for me, probably a bit scary for her. I got her out and she headed straight to the back door for some ventilated freedom and a bathroom break.

True Story #3: I still love my job. I am still very busy and still learning new things daily. I had one of the staff call me today and this is what she asked me:

"I'm calling because we don't know what you know and what you DON'T KNOW yet."

I politely informed her: "There is still a LOT I don't know, but I'd like to think I know a few things. Why don't you ask what it is you need and I'll let you know if I know it or not, yet."

I think she was pleasantly surprised I was able to help her. I know I was!

Yeah for KIM!

I guess that's pretty much all my TRUE STORIES for now. Have a TRULY inspiring Thursday!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Gift For Everyone

The hubs and I see a movie almost every week. We use a portion of our 'blow' money (from Dave Ramsey's FPU plan) and go check out a new release. We've seen some pretty UN-remarkable films of late. But today's ranked up there with "Freedom Writers" and a handful of other really memorable films.

Today we had planned to see "The Astronaut Farmer" and we probably still will at some point, but I looked through what was showing at the theater closest to us and there was one neither of us had heard of; "The Ultimate Gift". I thought it sounded intriguing. It's based on a novel by Jim Stovall. I knew that Fox Faith Films has been producing many more films this year, I just had no idea how impactful they would be. We decided to go see it based on the informational blurb given on Yahoo movies site.

It was an absolute MUST-SEE! Truly, it teaches everyone something. I don't doubt for a second that God ordained our own viewing on this day. You see I was totally prepared to write about how I feel like I'm on "E", in my spiritual tank. What I realize is that I have so much more to give and focusing on what I lack does not change that fact. I have been blessed with much and much is expected of me.

I'm still trying to work through what it all means and how it will play out in my own life, and I know we are on the 'verge' of something...what...I don't know...but something that will take a turn on our spiritual journey.

I have seen all God has brought us through over the past several years and I know we are still safely on His path. It is sometimes bumpy, but always certain!

I pray you find your "Ultimate Gift" and give it freely each day!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Water Water Everywhere

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It started out as a way to stand in unity for those in Africa who not only don't have clean water, but also don't have "clean" of HIV/AIDS. It frightens me that this pandemic continues to deplete a nation as we (in our Nation) continue to thrive.

I drink a lot of water and always have. I do NOT drink tap water. I do NOT drink any water that "tastes". Having lived in Colorado for much of my youth, I learned at an early age that water does not NORMALLY have a taste. I still miss that clear, crisp water. I have come to drink bottled water or filtered water because water sometimes does have a taste. I am admittedly a bit spoiled about water.

When I took on this challenge of 'water only' for 2 weeks, I didn't give it much thought. I just thought it was for a great cause and I really felt God wanted me to do this. I also knew my savings would be minimal from a financial standpoint, but the lessons I would learn could be life-changing.

You see, I also drink tea, soda, juices, COFFEE (I love my morning and evening coffee)...and many other beverages when I have a yearning. So I knew the first few days would be a bit rough.

The first week and a half was horrible. I had incredibly intense caffeine headaches daily for most of the day. I took medicine to alleve the pain, but it continued to throb for the most part. I prayed during that time and asked God to take me through the pain with my thoughts and prayers for those in Africa, not my own lack. The headaches continued.

When my husband and I went to movies or to dinner as we do weekly, and even at home, as he prepared his soft drink or coffee, or tea, I sat with my water (albeit bottled), and did my best to appreciate this clean water instead of complaining about what I REALLY wanted. There were days I thought I was going to cheat, but I realized it wouldn't even matter...except to God and me. I just trudged through thinking often of the DEADLINE approaching, and forgetting about the REASON for this challenge.

My savings, the amount of money I will send to this campaign is minimal in the 'big picture' but this experience is the daily reminder, as I grab my coffee or have some tea or make a decision for bottled water, that I do have this choice. I can have a soda. I can have coffee. There are those who cannot and have never had clean water.

I am thankful to Erica for encouraging us to experience this challenge. I am thankful to God for our country and our clean water and all the many choices we have. I am thankful for our health and for the provision I so often take for granted.

I will send my $40 to this campaign and I will pray for them each time I enjoy any beverage.

Thank you Lord for my health, for provision, for a wonderful job, wonderful family and friends, for clean water and for the ability and desire to do whatever I can to show others who YOU are.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

What's Your Sign?

If you're looking for're at the wrong blog!

Actually, Pastorman started a new series on Sunday...and frankly I don't recall the 'name' of the series right at this moment but it's about our homes. Not just our dwelling places, but Jesus' dwelling place.

Sunday, he talked about the various signs that exist at people's homes. He and another pastor went on a short field trip and photographed many of the different types of signs people use on their doors, and how they sometimes carry over into our walk with Christ.

The premise is that the foundation of our home is not the cement that is poured to keep our home level...rather it is the front door. The front door and what's written on it, truly paints a picture.

The front door could say: NO TRESPASSING...PRIVATE PROPERTY...KEEP OUT...they all imply the same thing. STAY AWAY!!!! Many of us have these doors on our lives. We may wear a face that is less than inviting, even angry. We may maintain a body language that says the same thing; arms crossed, eyes narrowed, completely closed off. We may wear sunglasses inside to prevent eye contact with others. We may look away or ignore everyone else around us. We may put on headphones to block out the world, or wear our 'blue-tooth'.

Sometimes the front door says: BEWARE OF THE DOG. We all know what this one looks like on a door and up close and personal. Enough said.

Every once in awhile the door says something unexpected, like: WELCOME or WELCOME HOME. These are the homes that I want to visit. This is the way I want my life to be. I want to be an open door, a welcome sign. I'm 100% certain this is what God wants too.

I hope you have a 'welcoming' kind of day and that the door to your life is always adorned with beauty, love and blessings!