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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Still Small Voice...

I was trying so hard today to keep it brief and not "double" blog today as I've been feeling the need to sit and "listen" for awhile...but something I read today at one of my favorite places to visit, Mom on a Wire, has haunted me this morning and I am going to go ahead and share it because I know it's the thing to do! My apologies, in advance, for my wordiness...

First off, what is WRONG with us?

I came to this “world” without much expectation. Honestly, I was looking for a “journal” that was interactive and would help me grow in the gift of writing in which I hope to one day really blossom. As with every venue in life, we all come with different ‘baggage’ and expectation.

What I have found is real ~ live ~ people with the ability to write freely, but also to judge freely. I have found this “safe” place where ignorant people can “attack” others because they never have to look themselves, or their victim in the eye as the tears fall, and they do fall! I have learned to grow in discernment because it is required. I love to read other “blogs” but only in as much as they offer growth in spirit or in heart or in wisdom. I quickly move on if they are argumentative or judgmental. I almost feel like I did as a child when I would overhear my parents arguing about something…I shouldn’t be watching this or listening to this or in this case…reading this.

We have choices in our lives: to write or not write, to read or not read, to engage or not engage, to love or NOT to love. I realize life is not completely black and white, but as a Christian, my call is to live my life as Christ patterned; to be an example, to encourage and not tear down. Obviously I’m “not there yet”, but I can’t give up! I just can’t. There is the still small voice inside me even in the loneliest of wildernesses…where Jesus is walking with me and the Holy Spirit is whispering His love for me. That is what I want to do for others…guide them to the quiet place where they can hear that still small voice.

I have seen some ‘voices’ silenced out of fear or out of judgment and it feels as though we’re offering our “sisters and brothers” up on a platter to the enemy to devour.

My prayer today is that we would encourage those we know, forgive and love those we know and don’t know yet…and seek those who have never found that love to help them find the still small voice…the voice of Jesus!

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