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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I Don't Feel Feverish...

I leave my house for just a few hours...come home...and BAM...(like Emeril please)...I'm slammed with a virus from GiBee over at Kisses of Sunshine.

I innocently go to the comments left on today's rambling of such life changing importance and I find one of my favorite people in the world has left a comment...GiBee.

As I read, I see she's encouraging me as usual...then what do I see as my eyes scan on ahead of my silent reading...was THAT the word VIRUS? Good heavens, GiBee infected my precious BLOG with a VIRUS! How can it be? My hair stood up on end and I shook with fear.

I go over to her "house" and see what I need to do to fix this thing before the damage is permanent and here it is...

I'm copying and pasting this paragraph out of her blog, because I'm told to do so ...Pearsonified has started a small, casual social experiment, it’s called “The Indie Virus.”

Here’s how Pearsonified describes this experiment:

The experiment, henceforth referred to as “The Indie Virus,” has two goals:*
To bring exposure to lesser known blogs (especially those outside of Technorati’s top 100)*
To explore the metrics behind a viral linking campaign launched by the “little guys” (less popular blogs).

So, let the statisticians have at it...get their numbers and their trackbacks and all that jazz...and I'm going to go see how far out this thing has already traveled. OH wait...I forgot...I've got to infect some people now...let's see I wonder if re-infection is legal...I know, I said I read the rules, and I did SCAN them..but I'm a rebel and so if I RE-infect someone and get thrown from the blogdom, know I was here and loved you all at one time!

Is it really really sad that my only "blog" friends (that I know of) are my pastor and the people I've met through "Karen" at The Big Tradeoff? Which of course leads me to places she has sent me like perhaps Morning Glory at Seeds From My Garden.

I do have another one that I frequent quite often that could 'deal' with an infection better then most of us...Just call her Aunt Murry, be nice because she's got DOGS and we dog people stick together!

SO thank you GiBee, I hope this virus isn't like that nasty thing you dealt with last week because while I'm always looking for better diet plans...eating in reverse is not one of my favorites!

I still don't think I have a fever...but I am warmer...


Karen said...

Um, I'm not a very computer savvy gal. I just write and hit "publish" so I'm not sure if I get it. Now what is this virus thing? The very word makes me quiver in my office chair. My poor 1998 model computer can't take much. It's really sensitive and I have to pet it and speak words of affirmation to it every day as it grinds through the start-up process.

kpjara said...

Tell me about it...I READ that word and just knew my days of computer use were over.

Not really a VIRUS in the truest sense of the's more a test to see how far and fast the thing can spread through word of mouth and cross-blog reference. Don't fret it. That GiBee is SO gonna get it soon!

GiBee said...

I DOOOO love a rebel! That's why I love you! Smooches!

And... Bring it on, babe!

great2beme said...

Kimmers I blogged but I blogged on the other one because I couldn't rememeber how to log into love to chat so I think I did just a thought blog see if you can get there then help me get back in to the other one because that is where I want to be.

great2beme said...

okay I got both of them now hope I can do it again tomorrow. thanks for your help!

great2beme said...

go back and read comments i left for other days especially March 3rd please.

Morning Glory said...

Um, I'm confused. Am I young enough to understand the virus thing? Maybe Karen can help me figure it out. If I don't, it's not because I don't want to play along. It's because my brain was frozen by the virus.

kpjara said...

The virus thing almost "got me" too, but don't worry about "playing along" hopefully we can all remain calm during this outbreak and everyone will be okay!

Maybe we'll get some new visitors...I always figure who ever God sends here...needs to be here..right?

Blessings to all!

Chell, I'll check out your blogs and link them if you finally going to write! YEAH!