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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Shout OUT to CHELL'

Well...I was feeling such "guilt" from Tammy at What Was I Thinking that I finally told my sister about the "blogdom".

at first she struggled a bit getting in here and putting thoughts to words (which was shocking frankly because trust me, the girl has NEVER struggled finding words). I think it was the techno-journal thing that got her...anyway... she's here now and I just want to give a SHOUT OUT to my little sister...over at Love to Chat (such a perfect name too). You all thought I had the gift of gab...just check her out! That's my baby sister, Chell'. I love her dearly and hope she enjoys her cyberflight around this blogdom!


tam said...

I have missed reading are so very good at getting your thoughts and points and God's points across clearly. Poignantly.


Your story of your sisters story was so moving, I cried. Her healing so completely and wholly believable and praise-worthy if anything ever was.

April 3rd entry..well, I cried again, the psalms verse/song played in my head and is the precise verse I have been trying to recall for the past two days and just couldn't get it right.

Well, for reasons I cannot yet say God moved me again because of this entry. Reminded me of HIS PLAN, not mine...reminded me that once revealed either prior to it's arrival or in the midst of it, it is in motion and it's perfect.

Oh the painful joy and joyful pain we experience as lovers of Christ.

kpjara, thank you for listening to Him and then sharing it with the rest of us.

PS and thank you for sharing your sister!!! She's a gem! (Chell...hmmmm curiously similar to another younger sister I know!)

just about ready to post this long-almost-a-post-comment and I finally realize who "Kim" is! Uh! Helloooo! I kept thinking who is this kim she's talking about? (shaking my head sadly) I must be very tired!

kpjara said...

Oh Tam' You crack me up and it's good to laugh, especially on Friday afternoon when I'm supposed to be cleaning for company tonight, WHATEVERRRRRRRRRR!

Thank you for continued encouragement and for not judging and for just being who God made you to be!

I also picked up on the little sis named "Miche", though I've always called mine "Chell" or "Chelle" and for a time..."Mitchella (in my fake but authentic SOUNDING spanish) but don't bring that up...she might not like!

There is nothing in the world like a little sister (except possibly a big sister???)