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Monday, July 09, 2007

Is Grace Enough?

I heard one of the D.J. of a local Christian station last week on the way to work, 'slamming' a television/movie star on air. It's not important who it was. What's more important and what had me switching my station to secular music is this sense of disgust with the judgment being poured out more freely than the grace given us as Christians...the very namesake we are called to model.

Sometimes I think the 'church' does little more than just sit back in their grace-filled chapel casting out judgment and hate to the world.

There is nothing like a little effective proselytizing, eh?

This is what I hear....
Yes, Jesus loves you...IF you look and act like us!

No, they can't come in here or receive love because they don't look right or sound right...or because of what they said...or because of that tattoo...or because of their lifestyle...or because of their family...or because we are called to a higher standard!"

I find myself becoming more and more incensed by the whole scene. Not so long ago, this kind of judgment and evil nearly took down a nation. Historically we have faced this type of evil that attempts to rename itself the 'betterment of society'.

Weren't we all just one prayer away from hell?

Was grace enough?

Is grace still enough?

Just wondering...

My husband and I visited a PH church this weekend. It was probably the friendliest church we've been to yet! I would imagine over 2/3 of the congregants made their way to us to greet us and introduce themselves. We attended the early (8:30 am) service as we are both morning people and we were truly among some elders. At 30-40 we were by far the youngest there.

From what I understand from friends who have visited this church, the service is absolutely split. The late service is very contemporary and the early service...very traditional. I didn't mind the hymns and the wonderful wisdom with the congregants. The pastor was absent so we heard a youth pastor speak about David and Goliath...a good message about facing and fighting our giants. We also attended 'Sunday School' and it was a little less interactive than I would like to see...but overall it was a good experience.

Still searching and waiting for church home...