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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I LOVE it....

Today during our spring break "hiatus" my wonderful husband and I repainted our 'sterile' office (the space I work and dream) and began the transformation into a space I love! I hope to find an overstuffed easy chair and ottoman to add to the corner and make a "reading space" with a quirky lamp to go next to it...and I want to paint some words along the ceiling that inspire me.

Here's a quick peak at what I've started in the room and my darling husband too!

This vacationing at home is the life...if only I had limitless funds to do the things I dream of in my head. I was also inspired by Karen of to get back to sewing and "so" (no pun intended) I "sewed" the curtain for the office and made the picture board with the leftover fabric. I LOVE to craft, it's one of my biggest passions outside of writing.

Without further ado:

Sweet dreams!


tam said...

ANOTHER reason to like you girl! you love Jesus, I totally understand your "chatter" AND you decorate in green, black and white AND, double AND! You are a "creative chatty cathy"

What more can a girl ask for!

(my house is all in those colors to varying degrees, except for childrens rooms!)

tam said...

Congratulations by the way on a great looking room!

Aunt Murry said...

I love it. That is what I miss most about not having a house of my own. Apt. living sucks!

Karen said...

Hey, that is a great room! That must be your hubby?

Thanks for the link. You're so sweet. I'm glad you were inspired to fire up the machine.

GiBee said...

Guess what colors I went with for our nursery??? Pale yellow walls with murals, lime green and white polka dot accents, and black and white toile curtains. Seriously... I think you are my kindred spirit.