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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cold As Ice...

I'm working for a large ice company and the woman I am working with...and will supervise is absolutely the 'coldest' person I have ever met.

I am praying for her...I think she is actually the antithesis of anything Jesus. I'm also trying to be Jesus with skin on...but man oh man is it challenging.

Friday, October 15, 2010

I Feel the Earth Move...

or not. We had an earthquake this week outside Norman, OK. It was felt as far away as Northern Kansas and Dallas, Texas...I felt nothing.

We talked briefly about it in Bible Study and it reminded of the parable of building your house on a firm foundation. When my world is rocking, more than likely I should evaluate the foundation.

I hope your world is on solid ground this weekend!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Trading Down?

I read this on a friend's facebook page: Genesis 25:33 The Message (MSG)
Jacob said, “First, swear to me.” And he did it. On oath Esau traded away his rights as the firstborn."

I used to be one of those people who would read this passage and dumb was Esau! Really he traded his BIRTHRIGHT blessing away...for a bowl of stinkin' soup?

Then my friend asked the question: "What have you traded of eternal importance for a momentary pleasure???" and I had to stop and realize I have been Esau at some very pivotal moments in my life.

I hope I remember the next time I want an immediate choose well.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Break Is Over

...No, not just my blogging break. I've been blogging again fairly regularly (well for the last week or so) and I intend on continuing on this written journey. I'm talking about my three month jobless state.

I was laid off on July 6, 2010, and have been unemployed since then. I have had the incredible opportunity to completely revamp my resume (with the outsourcing group hired to help with the transition) and also my cover letter. I couldn't get over how much things had changed in such a short time.

I start my new job next Monday (pending background, credit checks and drug testing). I don't anticipate any holdups, I haven't even had a poppy seed muffin or anything. I will be working in a manufacturing environment (totally new to me) and I will be accounting/office manager. The people I've met with have been wonderful and I am SO excited to work with them. The bonus is the totally casual atmosphere.

I had the opportunity to interview with other companies and even turned down a job which was surreal during this economy. The whole 'break' I had the feeling of peace that God was finding my perfect job and true to His word...I think He did.

I'm looking forward to writing more once I've started.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Un-Altered At the Altar

I was reading a facebook status the other day and it had something about picking up a garment that had been altered and the person 'hoped it fit'. Immediately the Holy Spirit put a thought in my head...these clothing alterations are not much different than what Jesus did for us.

We are a mess when we approach the cross...the Altar of God. God wants this mess and His very Spirit is going to alter us in a way we never thought a matter of fact, we are altered at the altar as soon as we ask.

Sometimes these alterations don't 'feel' right. It feels like the sleeves are too tight or the buttonholes too small. But what I've found is happening is these alterations are conflicting with my flesh. What's reassuring and what I've experienced is God continues to alter and alter me until one day I will comfortably walk in His perfect version of me.

I guess in a sense...I'm in the midst of being altared!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Not My View

During my work 'transition' period...I've been watching way too much t.v. I love Ellen, but in OKC, The View comes on immediately after and I remember when this show first started and it wasn't about the stars or the was about the viewers and getting a viewpoint that covered the whole gamut. Now, to me, it's become a train wreck that I can't turn away from but I find myself so incredibly frustrated by the time they start getting into their 'hot topics' segment.

I just cannot relate to any of these women. They are either so far right I can't feel myself breathe from the constricting conservative viewpoints or they are so far left I wonder who they COULD represent...other than themselves. I can tolerate Whoopi Goldberg, but I seriously doubt any of these privileged women can really relate to the working class people they are speaking to.

I've got to learn to just turn off the television...which I am going to do now and get my day started!

Monday, October 04, 2010

Summer is over...

Hard to believe it's fall already. I've been out of work for three months this week and have been on four interviews, turned down one job, and hoping today is the day! I'm interviewing with a large ice company today for an accounting office manager position and I've really enjoyed speaking to and emailing the recruiter. I think the company culture sounds most like what I would like to align with.

I'm trying so hard not to 'settle' because I'm a firm believe that God has this all in His hand and God told me not to go back to medical (because He and I both know how UNHAPPY I was working for ego's all day long), and He also told me what salary to that's limited not only my search but my ability to accept just a job to get by. I do recall the last time I lost a job to lay-offs I moved and met my wonderful husband, so I'm thinking there must be even something greater in the horizon. I've also TOTALLY enjoyed lunch with friends and spending time with the hubs (who is home-schooling his Master's degree, while still getting paid his salary). We have every day together. It really is quite wonderful!

But alas, the money will eventually run out, and in a few more weeks I'm going to be pressed if I am not working. I have also learned to appreciate my hubs wonderful cooking ability as he was the one that handled this task when I was working because he gets home earlier. I'll take dish duty over cooking any day.

Okay, so update is I haven't disappeared completely. I've just become a bit of a Facebook girl and conversing with friends from school and others' I had lost touch with. I am going to try to return to my first love of blogging and writing. I think it may be a gift I was sacrificing and risked losing...and so while the thoughts may or may not lead me I will write...