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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Back to Work Tomorrow

After a full week break from work WITH MY HUSBAND!!! I am headed back to work tomorrow. I am hesitant to say what I feel about it, except to say it's what I must do for at least a few months, until my wonderful husband finishes school.

So, I'll use these last few minutes before the 'magic bedtime' to share my list of things I am going to do when my work is done in December, 2006...

1. Make lunch for my husband and put little 'love notes' inside
2. Further explore the option of adoption (hey I'm a poet...)
3. Write, write, write, complete my first book
4. Research, find, and commit to voluntary service opportunities
5. Spend more time with my friends
6. Start a cross-denominational community Bible Study for women
7. Take courses that interest me for NO grade
8. Visit nursing homes with my friend and her therapy dog
9. Make a difference in the life of people I encounter
10. Speak the truth with love all the time

I think about those 'quizes' that ask what you would do with your time if money were no object or if you had no 'fear'...I wonder why I feel I have to WAIT til December to START living the life God has for me. I'm not willing to walk down this path right now...perhaps tomorrow...

Sweet Dreams!

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