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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Make It So, Number One!

This morning I was listening to a CD set by Lisa Bevere called “Extreme Makeover”. I’ve read a couple John Bevere books though I’ve never heard or read anything of his wife’s. It’s a pretty thought-provoking series actually.

In one of the tracks I heard yesterday…she asked the question:

“How many of you, by show of hands, would say ‘I want something more from life, then what I have now.’?

From the sounds of applause and shouts of assent, and from her answer, I assume everyone being honest with themselves, raised their hand. I say that because if we get too settled in the here and now and aren’t striving for something more in our lives…aren’t we at the end? I’m not disputing that we are called to be content…I know this is included in Biblical principles 101, I am only proposing that even in contentment we strive for more; for our children, for our spouses, for ourselves. I will also add; we aren’t called to strive out of envy or personal gain, rather out of a need to fulfill our destiny.

In the words of my nephew…ANYways…. Lisa went on to say if you want MORE out of life then what you have now…you have to BE more then you are right now. That is not a direct quote and I didn’t want to ‘find’ the exact quote this a.m. on my drive in to work only partially awake.

So I got to thinking about how this translates in my life…I go on and on about things that I want to change in my life and I CAN go on and on as anyone who has ever glanced at my MEGA-posts can see! The reason I don’t always SEE the changes I so desire in print…is because I do NOTHING to make it so!

I’m not a HUGE Star Trek fan…but I love how the second in command would come to the captain and make a request for something and the captain, if agreeing, would say: “Make it so, number one.” This is important, stay with me…

I think it’s much like God and me and possibly God and everyone. He places the desire to fulfill His destiny in us as little seedlings…sometimes even just the seed. We grow and change and do things and try things…some good…some bad…some healthy….some unhealthy….and we learn and grow in discernment and wisdom…and then we look to God for the BIG change, the fulfillment of our destiny…and if it’s in line with what God has nurtured in us…He says to us: “Make it so, number one!”

The word MAKE is a verb. There is an action required to complete the sentence. He doesn’t say: Okay, got it, it’s a done deal… He calls US to do the work He sets before us. No this isn’t some NEW discovery…it’s a gentle reminder that as I find myself reaching the top of this hill and preparing to cross over to the ever-quickening descent on the other side, I must question what I have or haven’t done to fulfill my destiny. Am I holding back in fear, shuddering at the very thought of MAKING anything SO in my life? Am I just complacent in my own comfort zone? Do I want change enough?

As I prepare to fulfill the very calling placed on my life I am hopeful I will hear God utter the phrase “Make it so, number one”, and I pray I will act when I hear!


Aunt Murry said...

Um, been reading my mind?

Morning Glory said...

I've been lurking through your blog and really appreciate the honesty with which you express from your heart. Thank you.

Also, thanks for coming by my blog the other day. It's always nice to make a new friend.

kpjara said...

To "morning glory":

One thing I have learned in life is when someone I admire for wisdom and truth, as "Trade-off", calls me to check something out...I'm gonna do it!

I've only been able to read some of your 'entries' and I will return your compliment to you. Thanks for speaking truth with love. I'll be heading back soon.