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Can You Hear Me Now?

Sunday, March 22, 2009


I went into the restroom this morning...just for a quick trip, in and out.

I had also left my book in there from previously in the week. I picked it up and basically got lost in my reading.

Pretty soon there was a knock at the door. And my wonderful husband saying...

"You know, you can read out here."

...yeah, I know...BUSTED!

Monday, March 09, 2009

I AM Loved!

I have been uncertain what areas to serve in at the church we are now attending, but I've watched as one of the women I really care about has run herself just about ragged trying to take on TOO much at a church that has more than enough people to help.

Suffice to say, I finally felt compelled to really help her out. The hubs and I started out by spending the weekend helping paint, organize, pull together the newly redone children's rooms at church.

Then on Sunday, I went in to 'kidsplace' to see if perhaps this is an area I could help. I was hesitant, because it's been a LONG time since I've served in the children's area. My passion is more adult women, but I see this area is really in need of some help.

So during the lesson "loving one another", as I sat and pondered what I could offer... this young lady (5 y.o.) finished her project and we told them they could give their 'gift of love' to anyone they wanted...well she came up to me and gave me her gift of love.

That's the picture of that gift above. I will proudly display it in my house as the gift from an angel!

As usual, God used this small child to show me His love through her. I reached out for a hug and left church feeling like I had been touched by God.

God really is good...all the time.

Thank you Lord for using these children to reveal your wisdom to me! And YES, I'll go again.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Mind Revival

There is always lots of STUFF going on in our lives. That’s why we’re supposed to experience the journey and not skip ahead, fully relishing every lesson and experience, good AND bad.

Here’s my journey these days:

My FAVORITE women’s group “Come As You Are” (CAYA) is resuming not church-affiliated, for all women…
Work is unstable and more layoffs are coming…
My husband still amazes me with his love everyday…
Niece still refuses to move away from abusive boyfriend…
The weather is so SPRING-LIKE…
Church is just a place to go on Sunday morning…
I get to go hear an incredible Choir this weekend…
Negative Nelly (in the cubicle in front of me) has reached an all time low in negativity…
Negative Nelly reminds me to renew my mind daily…
Paint fumes at work are burning my eyes…
Our department renovations are almost complete…

I got a new CD last weekend. It’s the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, “I’ll Say Yes” (click that link to hear some of the cd) I had forgotten how incredible it is to hear 290 voices all singing together to create an absolute angelic sound. Though from what I understand the angel chorus will be something none of us has EVER even come close to experiencing.

There is a song on this cd that I use each day as part of my ‘renew your mind daily’, it’s called “I Never Lost My Praise”.

I’ll share some of the lyrics here…

I’ve lost some good friends along life’s way
Some loved ones departed in heaven to stay
But thank God I didn’t lose everything.

I’ve lost faith in people who said they cared
In the time of my crisis they were never there
But in my disappointment in my season of pain
One thing never wavered, one thing never changed.

I never lost my HOPE
I never lost my JOY
I never lost my FAITH
But most of all
I never lost my PRAISE!

It goes on but trust me you need to hear this song!

So I’m sitting here in my MIND REVIVAL just focusing on God’s plan that overrides everything and everybody else!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Greatest Compliment

I think I’ve mentioned I work as a supervisor and it is not a very glamorous job. I get the un-fun job of redirecting staff and resolving many a disagreement, as well as occasionally disciplining staff for various things. I’ve been able to maintain a level of ‘decency’ about it because I have had SO many NOT-SO-GREAT supervisors and I think the negative examples are far more memorable than the positive one.

To make a long story short I am able to function as a supervisor (keeping the professional distance necessary to prevent additional problems), but also really witness (through my own life) what I believe God calls us to be at work…real, broken, repentant, willing, forgiving, loving servant! If I can be this at work, I’ve done my job.

Today one of the staff people gave me the greatest compliments…she’s on another team, but I work with her daily. Today after I helped her with something she told me I’m “made of Awesome”.

Awe shucks! It made my day! Well that and over 80 degree weather!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

BB Come Home

My niece (whom I call BB) has had a heck of a year. This is the same niece I've written about so many times. The niece that miscarried a baby last year. The niece that moved in with a 'not-so-loving' boyfriend. The niece that is in fairly constant pain. The niece that is a gifted poet. The niece that cares about others' more than herself.

I know she is torn about what to do and where to go. I'm just praying that she come not to fail. To come home is to rest and regroup and find the love we all need when we need a 'rewind'.

BB, I'm seriously praying you take this chance and hit the rewind button and just come home.