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Can You Hear Me Now?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Watching Baby Beckham

I get to babysit a friends new baby today and tomorrow and it is so exciting to get to hold and watch a young baby. It's humbling that they rely so completely on us (adults) to meet every need.

I want to be this way with Jesus. I want to remember that even as I 'grow up' I can still rely completely, totally, wholly on Jesus to meet every need.

Thank you Father for meeting every need and reminding me how humbly you came and saved the world...

Monday, March 19, 2012

The "Kate" Effect

Following Princess Kate's recent jaunts in a pair of coral jeans, apparently retailers in the U.S. are now 'out' of these "Kate" jeans. People so admire the stars they want to emulate them in every way. Remember the "Rachel" haircut? For those of us a tad more mature there was

the "Dorothy Hamill" haircut. Which frankly was not all that flattering on anyone...including the skater. We spend money to look like and hope for the fantasy of 'being like' these famous folks.

I think we may be missing the point. If only we could 'get' that God wants us to be like Jesus. If we could master that...we'd get it. We'd live it. We'd experience it. We would be able to change the whole world if we could just get this one lesson.

It's sad really that we will spend time and money trying to be like another flawed human, but we won't spend time, energy, and rarely money being more like Jesus.

Just pondering...

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Too Young to Die

Davy Jones is dead. It breaks my heart. I was a HUGE Monkees Fan as a teen. Death usually stops me in my tracks...has me taking stock of my life and what I am and am NOT accomplishing.

I've heard sermons on 'living the dash', that little line between our birth date and death date on a tombstone. We are called to remember that our lives are not about the beginning and the end...rather the things in the middle. All those little moments of our lives that make up the culmination of a LIFE.

As I quickly approach my fifth decade of life I am definitely feeling more and more mortal and evaluating the meaning of it life. I think this line of thinking is what finally pushed me to seek the career God created me for. I read this post from a friend today and it got me wondering if I 'missed' what God has been trying to show me about my gifts. Am I gifted in writing and creating or am I supposed to be an administrative person. Am I supposed to work with children or am I supposed to file paperwork for a living? Am I supposed to manage people or am I supposed to write encouraging words?

It's easy to get lost in the 'mist' as Stefne so profoundly shares. It's easy to forget that life is a process. It's hard to stay on track and keep the focus on the creator not the creation. You see, ultimately what I do on this earth doesn't really's how I've served Him that matters more than anything.

Here's to hoping you each are in the position God created for you and that you aren't caught in the mist of this part of the dash.