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Thursday, March 23, 2006

De-Coding the da Vinci Code

I am a bit torn about whether or not to see the movie. This is one of those struggles that I battle on a daily basis. Here’s the thinking behind the rationale. In 2001, when I returned here to Oklahoma, I RE-devoted my life to Christ, meaning I shifted my way of thinking, doing, everything by 180 degrees. I have turned away from the stuff I used to serve and I look towards Christ now. This means different things for different people. For me it translates to purification of the ‘crud’ I was immersed in: no more clubbin’, no excessive drinking, for me…even no smoking, no secular music or books. I believe it’s different for everyone.

Obviously I’m not perfect and there is still crud existing within me. I still watch TV programs that do nothing to edify Christ. I cuss like a sailor at times. The difference is my heart, or the Holy Spirit residing within my heart that is grieved by the entertainment I seek that is not pleasing to God. Here are my current 'decoding' dilemmas:

Dilemma 1: How do I maintain a relevant witness if I don’t have any idea what others are talking about when they discuss the lies abounding in mainstream society?

Dilemma 2: How can I dispel the lies portrayed in The DaVinci Code if I haven’t seen what they are?

Dilemma 3: Jesus sought out the lost in places I am now avoiding. Is there a time when I’ll be ready to re-enter these places as His child, instead of a mere participant?

Dilemma 4: I hope to GOD in Heaven, the primary reason I work where I work, is at least partially to show God to others, through my life (along with of course lessons in endurance, refining by fire, etc.), though if this is what being "relevant" is about...I'm not there yet! The place I am most likely to slip back into Satan's backyard is at my work! Should this be a clear indicator for me about this decision?

Dilemma 5: I would not allow my 15 y.o. niece to buy and read the book “DaVinci Code” because of its content, so how do I explain to her my motivation for seeing it, and do I take her?

Obviously my rational mind says I’m making a mountain out of a molehill. I have enough wisdom and discernment to know and reject lies. I do not crave an alcoholic beverage when I enter a bar, though admittedly sometimes the smoke draws me (just exactly as it appears, magically, slowly almost mystically). My concern is my life spiraled slowly into crud.

I was “saved” at 13, and the only difference in me and Joe 'Sinman', was I walked down the aisle at some church and professed to KNOW Christ and accept Him as Lord and Savior over my life…after which I was dunked in a bath of water. My outer “man” looked no different and frankly resisted the changes the inner “man” was now calling for.

One of the most powerful attributes of our testimony is the truth of the mud and muck we were raised from. I lived a pretty ‘out of control’ life, even under the guise of ‘Kim-control’, and that has helped me witness to others who are there now. If they can see that my life is TRULY changed FOR THE GOOD, because of this decision, there is a greater chance they’ll see the possibility in their own ‘brokenness’.

I also know my niece is too young to know the subtle changes she will face, should she begin now to read ‘junk’ and listen to ‘junk’. She must first gird herself in wisdom and the power of the Holy Spirit through God’s Truth in His Word.

So, are any of you going to see this movie? What is your thinking? What is your heart saying? Have you read the book? Is it lies sprinkled with truth to make it even more troublesome? Is it yet another conduit to “paddy cake with Satan”?

Chime in…please!


Karen said...

That's a tough one. I don't have any wisdom or insight. I wish I did. I guess my initial reaction would be to not glorify or support something that I know to purposely work against God's teachings. But how many ways do I do that subtley (sp?) all the while thinking I'm doing good by avoiding the big, obvious stuff? This is why I don't make a good legalist. I struggle with the gray. Let me know what you decide. I'm curious.

Morning Glory said...

The method that I apply to myself is that if I'm in doubt, I try to avoid it. I don't have to see the movie to have it verified that it promotes concepts I don't believe in. My husband has read the book and we have no desire to see it. While it may not be garbage, I try to apply the "garbage in, garbage out" concept to what I read and view. I just don't want to clutter up my mind with stuff I don't need, and I don't think I'm totally black and white in my point of view, quite like I used to be. I think I can be well-thought-out without exposing myself to objectionable material. My husband says that it's sprinkled with enough truth to be confusing.

Aunt Murry said...

Having read the book and being Catholic, I think too much has been given to this already. It is a work of FICTION. It's premise, while interesting, is a work of FICTION. Say it with me people...THE BOOK IS FICTION. Ok, now that I have said that, I think as long as you are asking questions, you are learning. I am going to see it because I for one enjoyed the book on an entertainement level. I saw it for what it was...a work of FICTION. I love TOm Hanks however he is not the one I would have chosen to play the lead character. You know I could do a whole post on this book and I might still but like I's FICTION.

absonjourney said...

Here's my take for what it's worth. I have no problem with the book or the movie for exactly the reasons Aunt Murry posits above- it is fiction. The truth is the book got most of its initial negative pub for its depiction of the Catholic church as a manipulative, deceitful entity rather than its questionable theology. Now having said that, because the book deals with real life issues of Christology, I can understand why people would be upset- if the book were presented as true- which it is not.
Having said all this, let me also say that I see no problem with your personal separation from things that have tempted you in the past and I do not think that those issues of separation render you with nothing to say to the world. You have a ton to say. If you think that seeing this movie, reading this book could draw you into things God has called you away from then do not go.

BTW it is blogs like this that make me thankful that God sent you and Paul to Journey.

Pastor Abs

Aunt Murry said...

I hope I wasn't too blunt above.

kpjara said...

Not at a matter of fact my pastor (absonjourney) actually reiterated what you had said this weekend and I figure if you are Catholic and can read it as only a work of fiction...I should be able to handle it. I've decided I am going to check it out. I can always leave if it really bothers me.