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Monday, March 27, 2006

Love Like This...

My inner wo-man is not sure how much my OUTER wo-man can share today. You see…they are in conflict. Inner wo-man is open and trusting and a true-blue believer that God has my ‘back’. Outer wo-man is distracted and sees through distorted vision and insecurity riddles her and she questions every decision, good or bad.

I tentatively continue...

As Easter approaches I have given much thought to what it all means. I fully expect to see the “beautiful people” out in droves. I expect smiles and sunshine and egg hunts. I expect laughter and love and even envy those wearing those beautiful Easter HATS (I just don’t have a hat head, bummer!)

What consumes my thoughts today is that this is a celebration focused on the resurrection of Christ, which is ALL good…don’t get me wrong…but Christ paid a price bigger then any of us will ever FULLY know. He endured beating which would have killed many of us, in and of itself…then ridicule and rejection…He drug a cross in a “parade” of onlookers and oglers alike…He was nailed down and hung on that cross (the ultimate in capital punishment at the time), was stripped, crowned with thorns, speared through his side…and spat upon. He was laughed at, and again…rejected. He called out; as we do daily, only not out of self-serving desire, just a simple request to God, to forgive us, for we know not what we do. He died that day.

I can celebrate the fact that Christ rose again, and I can smile at the hope I have in my ultimate salvation through Him and the incredible GIFT of the Holy Spirit who walks with me EVERY DAY…but I cannot ignore the fact that He died in this manner and went into the pit of hell to retrieve our souls from Satan. He believed, even while in hell, and waited on His Father to come for Him.

I pray today and each day as our Easter celebration approaches, I would reflect on this sacrifice. I would see it for what it is…love on a level we will never again see or understand until we stand beside Him in heaven.

Have a beautiful Monday!

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