New Background

Can You Hear Me Now?

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Today I write...

Today I started this blog as a venue for putting my rambling thoughts down to save, ponder, remember or discuss. I am passionate about words and meaning. I don't get impressed with over intellectualizing, rather I get impressed with someone or something that fires the neurons of my brain with new thoughts or new ideas that I hadn't considered til now.

I am seeking growth through this experience. I am hoping to put into words, my personal "journey" with God.

I am 42 years old. I am at an age where I feel certain that what I do to earn an income is NOT what defines me. It is NOT my passion, it is NOT even my desire. It IS, however, where God has placed me for "such a time as this" to encourage, to grow through endurance, and to experience a level of "thirst" and "hunger" for God that I have never before reached.

If you make it here...tell me if what you DO to earn a living, is your passion. If not, why not? What is our purpose here if not to live our passion? This is my questions today.