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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Read N' Tell

Instead of Show N' Tell...I'm going to do a brief, but meaningful, Read N' Tell. I read a book this week that I absolutely have to share a passage from...why: because of the title and the content.

Yes, I know you're DYING to know what it is so I won't make you wait a second longer...

from: translated in human terms by Lanny Donoho:
"God's Blogs, insights from HIS site"
That title already grabbed you didn't it...and if you've already read this and didn't share it with me...shame on you! You know what a BLOG HOG I am. I eat this stuff up...I wish I could just do a link...but for now...this will do!

Okay so here's what "God" has to say about a subject near and dear to all of us!

I have given everyone on earth a gift. I might add that it is a pretty incredible gift. I have been watching lately what most people do with it. It makes me sad and sometimes ticked off. I listened on a few million conversations today and you were all talking about it.

Conversations went a lot like this.

"Gosh, I just don't have time."
"I wanted to, but time just slipped away."
"Sure wish I had more time to spend with my family."
"I didn't have enough time to get the job done."
Then there were phrases like,
"Sometime I need to..."
"Anytime you want."
"What time is it?"
"How many times do I have to tell you."
And then the one that really doesn't make sense at all:
"I sure wish I had more free TIME."
Here's a note: There's no such thing as "free time"!
This will sound a bit weird, but "time" is a gift I made for you so you could give it back to Me. The reason it isn't free is because for every second and minute and hour you use, you have to give something up.
You are trading time for something else.
Most of you wouldn't trade a thousand dollars for a dollar: Yet you trade time with your family for overtime at the office. You give up time to learn and grow and be with Me for time on your computers and your TV. You are sacrificing things that last forever for things that disappear quickly.
Forever is a long time.
How you use your time now
will determine, however;
what forever is like.
So you have in your portfolio the number of days, hours, minutes, and seconds you will be alive on your planet. These are the gifts I have given you.
Every second counts.
Every day matters.
So every actions, reaction, and transaction are of utmost importance...because
Okay, I can, but you can't go back. That's why I AM God and you aren't.
It's time now. Time for you to think.
Time is like space. You can fill up on the space you have...and you can run out of space.
The difference is, you can see when you are about to run out of space.
You could be out of time...really soon.
Then His final note or "Blogjot" as he called it says:
I don't just want to be your God on Sundays......
I want to be your Father every day!
I hope I can remember to trade my TIME only for the things GOD desires for me!
Have a wonderful Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I just wanted to say thank-you for what you said on my blog. It has truly been a journey for me learning to forgive and see these women as God sees them. I still have quite a few frustrations when I go, but I've learned to give them to God and find he softens me once again.

Thank you again and I really like your blog. I'm gonna Bloglines you!!!

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GiBee said...

Oh, I love, love love this!!!!Thank you so much for sharing this... I want Him to be my Father every day, too!!!