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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

In Other Words

"Satan's ultimate lie is that you are capable of being the god of your own life, and his ultimate bondage is getting you to live as though his lie is truth." ~ Neil Anderson ~

In my humble opinion, Neil Anderson is one of the best writer’s and warriors of Spiritual Warfare. He offers spiritually grounded answers to the questions that haunt many of us with regards to the war for our soul.

That said, I offer this story…

There was no forbidden tree in my life. There was no serpent tempting me to taste of the forbidden fruit. For me it was far simpler.

Satan tried to convince me that the only lord I needed in my life was myself. He tried to convince me that the only person I should answer to is myself. If I had any self-respect at all I would quit being led by the ‘magical mystery’ that God represented and I would choose to create my own destiny.

It started to work on me. I started to measure my self-worth on my ability to do things on my own. Knowledge held more power than wisdom. Personal achievement held more lure than mercy and grace. Being lord of my own life held more appeal than ‘selling out’ to the seemingly weak Jesus-Freaks.

I felt certain that success was in my next achievement. I believed that success had everything to do with who I was and what I got done in life. I struggled in my career because I couldn’t accept less than perfection.

Satan began to nudge me and tried to convince me that my weakness was my inability to take control of my life and just destroy anyone in the way…on my ascent. The sole goal was to climb to the top of the heap and take out as many competitors as I could on my climb.

The best me was the strong, overpowering, totally independent ME!

The problem with self built, self-promoting is that fall back to earth is a long, painful trip. I’ve shared about my return to Oklahoma and how God ordained this move and how God ordained the position I accepted and eventually everything in our lives.

The first few years were tough…walking humbly was not something I was accustomed to. I was all about PRIDE…and PRIDE was a good thing…until the fall.

That is when I finally realized God was reaching out to me in this time of ‘want’. Only when I fell did I realize that He was molding me and refining me…only then did the chains of bondage break and my heart broke along with them.

I’m exactly where God has me at this moment for a reason…a reason I may not know until tomorrow, or tomorrow’s tomorrow, or…well you get the picture. God’s truth is the ONLY truth that will truly set you free!


Denise said...

Thanks for sharing such great thoughts, bless you.

Butterfly Kisses said...

It's God's path..and how blessed it will be!!!!

Spookie the Warrior said...

And thank goodness that when we fall He is there to catch us - if we let Him.

Joy M. said...

One thing I have learned about "falls": They seem like the end of the world when they happen, but they usually end up being the best thing that ever happened to us.

A fall usually stems from something else being our god.

janiswrites said...

God's truth IS the ONLY truth that really matters. Thanks for pointing that out. Satan is a liar and cannot tell the truth, so the only truth that we can hear is from God. Your post was awesome and full of truth! Blessings to you!

Heather Smith said...

Great post, KP. It seems so easy at times to go our own way and do our own thing.

Christine said...

You hit the nail on the head. I think we all struggle with finding the ME that is the most able to run our own lives. Thanks for participating!

Dawn said...

Once again - great stuff!!

Sally said...

Kim thank you for your honesty - this is a beautiful post

Cool Mama said...

Personally, I 'hate' falls and 'brokeness' - atleast while I'm in the middle of them. Afterwards I always end up full of thankfulness and insight, as to why this or that, had to happen, and what God has done in my life because of it, or in some cases, in spite of it. You sound like you are in that place - being able to look back just enough to have a sense of peace, of being led and of thankfulness that God has shown His hand and is leading you. That's a great place to be. The next step is whenyou see how all the 'pieces' of this puzzling journey fit together and you just marvel, " Wow!"...I love this part too! I'm just a bit of whimp...altho I know brokeness is good for me...I have to admit, I am not as humble as some, who have learn to embrace it, seek it and even ask God to keep breaking them. I tend to yell " Ouch! That hurt! Are we done yet?"