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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

To Bring God Glory

I painted this so long ago (in the 90’s, I believe) for the small church I was attending. I was young…in my twenties. It hung in that church long after I left. I hadn’t thought about it in a long, long time

Our dear friends came upon the painting in one of the church member’s attics while doing some work for them. They requested the painting because they were a part of the process I went through; physically, mentally, and spiritually while this painting emerged. The person kindly gave it to them.

It has hung in my friends’ house for a few years now. I look at it each time I go to their home. I was very critical of it for a long, long time. As an artist I judged it harshly and without value.

My husband, dear that he is, photographed the painting the last time we were out at our friends’ house for cookie Saturday. I came upon it again while trying to ‘file’ all my saved photos for 2006.

Now I look at this painting with new eyes. I see the face of Jesus without the harsh judgment and self-doubt that surrounded me as the artist. I see the lambs and sheep with actual personality, instead of blobs of white paint.

I see the 'then' imperfect painting as what it is…a gift from God. I see clearly one of the unused talents He has given me and how I have wasted it. I hear Him calling to me so many times…as I try to cover my ears to His call.

He is not calling me to go forge some peace treaty between warring nations. He is not calling me to preach to thousands of people. He is not calling to me to sing and record music (you better say a BIG thank you to God for that one). He is, however; calling me to use my gifts…whether it is visual arts, writing, whatever He chooses…to bring GOD glory!

I don’t want to waste my talents anymore. I want to USE these GOD-GIVEN talents to bring GOD GLORY! I pray daily that He would open my eyes as He opens doors to walk through and offer these gifts…all to bring God glory.

I pray you have a day full of the glory of God…as you seek to bring GOD GLORY!


Anonymous said...

I just looked at this picture for a while before I read the post and then when I saw that you painted it yourself... WOW! I can almost hear that water as it passes along, and smell the freshness of the air, too, but what caught me the most is the peace I feel as I look at all the fine details. Your work is definitely spirit filled! I do hope you will share more of your BEAUTIFUL artwork soon.

Morning Glory said...

Thank you for sharing the picture with us. It's very precious and peaceful. You are talented!!

Anonymous said...

That is such a beautiful painting Kim. I am glad you are not critical of it anymore, well done in realising that you were given talents to bring God glory!!

Tami Boesiger said...

Amen, sister!! You SHOULD be using your gifts! Beautiful work.

I feel the tug myself to do a better job of using my gifts. It's not that I don't want to, just that there never seems to be enough time. They are easily put aside for more pressing things. So last week I sat down and went over how I spend my time (down to small ten minute chunks that people are finding amusing!) and discovered patterns and how I could utitlize the time better. It has been exciting for me to recognize where I can squeak out a few hours a week to work on my gifts. I pray God will help me with the self-control to stick to my plan, but provide the discernment to know when something is more important.

Okay, that's way more than you needed to know. Sorry--I just got going. I'm so excited because I've felt your frustration and guilt over not exercising my gifts.

I hope your new job is going well.

Anonymous said...

KP, for you to not be painting is almost a crime. Seriously, that IS some real talent you got there.

GiBee said...

Okay ... I just have two things to share with anyone that is reading KPJara's blog and might have any doubt as to whether she's talented and gifted, or not ... Seriously ... check this out:

1) Worship Guy

2) Talent Without End

Kim -- you are such a talented and gifted person! You are NOT wasting your talents, hun!

Okay, okay ... if you REALLY feel like you're wasting your talents, I'll "allow" you to make me one of those beautiful crosses you make. I'll even pay for it! After all ... you motivated me to start collecting crosses for a "cross wall!"

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Had a GREAT comment...but it got 'eaten'. go girl. Use your gift for God - He gave it to you, and it makes Him happy when we use our gifts!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful painting..really and truly. I wish I could paint like that. I love how you see the painting now, too....May you continue to be blessed as you refine your talents for His glory.

Anonymous said...

That is an awesome painting. I want to decorate my house with christian decor, paintings like that or scriptures. something along those lines. I have wanted a huge cross to put in my living room. Maybe one day I can make one.

Sally said...

Kim that painting is beautiful- don't waste that talent- paint!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Kim! I have an original print of this same image in my house! I've always loved it. I think it has a date from the 30s on it. ?? Not sure now. Anyway - thanks for sharing this post.

Also - I've changed my blog URL

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful! Jesus' face is awesome!

Oh yeah, the sheep definately have personality. The fat one to the right? Yeah, she's shaking cause she's such a That's me! Never wanting to get too far. Just stand in one place and...BLEAT!

Joy M. said...

The last one again is mine. So sorry you had no idea who that fat sheep is. Joy M.