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Sunday, January 28, 2007

D is for Disciple

Once again God heard my prayer and answered louder than I anticipated or expected. It seems to return to expectations over and over again…for me.

I was having a less than stellar Sunday morning and really questioning my own and my husband’s motivation for attending church. We agreed we both are in need of some deeper teaching…something deeper with Christ. I also recalled my own desire to do more than just warm a seat at church each Sunday. We tabled our discussion as we entered the building.

We got through the pre-service visiting, the first two songs to lead us into our service time and I prayed that God would break my heart. I prayed that I would just take HIS lead and not try to jump ahead of where He has us in this church. Then a video started on the screens. In the middle of the screen was the word “Disciple”.

The video appeared to be a Rabbi discussing the definitions of the word Disciple. I sat there shaking my head disbelieving that so soon after my own prayer and desire to seek more discipling in our church…here and now…today…God was answering my prayer with a resounding YES and a request to get on board with His plan.

The pastor took the stage after the video and a few things he brought up really hit me. The first was that being a disciple means ‘having your life pressed against someone else’s life’. He talked about the parallel to apprenticeships and how the apprentice learns by watching and learning from his/her teacher.

I listened as Pastorman continued to encourage us to seek this type of relationship either to teach another…or be open enough…humble enough to BE taught. It was absolutely God banging on the door of my heart and yet I continued to hold back a bit.

After the service and Pastorman’s call to us to complete a commitment card to this discipling plan…I quickly ushered my husband out towards the front door when one of my dear friends at church approached me quickly and asked to speak to me.

This woman is one of my sources of strength and leadership and she knows Scripture like someone twice her age. She asked me if I would pray about the two of us entering into this discipleship model. She asked me to disciple her. I informed her I felt we may be able to mutually disciple one another as we have strengths in different areas.

I promised her I would pray about it and while I don’t yet have an answer I know God will definitely answer this prayer.

I remembered the formal ‘mentoring’ program I was a part of with our past church and how much it meant to me and to the young woman I mentored. It was a humbling experience and one that continually glorified God each time we met. She taught me…and I taught her. It really was a mutual relationship.

I continually stand in amazement at God and His incredible sense of timing! I guess I shouldn’t be amazed…after all He IS God!

Have a blessed Sunday….it’s back to work and training tomorrow. I probably won’t be around much til Wednesday as the first couple of days are the busiest. We’ll see!

I’m just now finishing up catching up on my reading.


Dawn said...

Good thoughts again today. I have begun taking notes again and it makes such a difference in focusing on what God has given the pastor to say.

I am so glad you got to come around today and visit. Thanks for your encouraging comments. I'm glad you enjoy Care Bear as much as we do! She is such a riot. You must meet her someday.

Cool Mama said...

Isn't that just our loving Father, to have the answer to our cry so blatantly in our face?!! I love it! I'll be praying for you tonight, that God will show you what He wants you to do with the Discipling thing. I do know that you are definitely on the right track! God hasn't been spending all this time and effort growing us up, to have us keep it to ourselves and just pour it back into the pool at church on Sunday morning - and take another cup away when we leave. He wants us pouring out, INTO people. The kingdom principle is that we pour out...and then He pours in more! The pouring out is so important. I'm praying for you to make some God-connections at your new job too. That you're going to find someone there, who just needs your friendship and quiet strength. They may not know they are sensing God in you...but you know what's drawing them - and it's another opportunity ! yeah God! Go girl!

Dawn said...

Thanks for the comment today - Does that make me a cheerleader?? I was never coordinated enough to be one, so this is good.

I hated to stop there, as well, but have written a lot about the point from there forward, and will write more as time goes by. It was fun and enlightening.

Sally said...

excellent thoughts as usual Kim- thank you for your honesty in sharing
Have a blessed week

Spookie the Warrior said...

This is very good. I love the idea of discipling. I hope your prayers are ansewered clearly, soon.


Overwhelmed! said...

I very much enjoy going to mass but there are many Sundays when I leave thinking, "Now what was the sermon about?"

Now that Snuggle Bug is older and more active, Oronzo and I spend a lot of time trying to keep him quiet and prevent him from disrupting others in their prayerful worship. Not that Snuggle Bug is naughty at church, he's just a typical busy toddler.

It was easier when he was a baby. Oronzo usually took care of him, allowing me to focus. ((sigh))

I really need to get back into a deeper involvement in my church, community, and setting aside time for spiritual nourishment at home.

Thanks for the reminder!

Dawn said...

Thanks so much for stopping by today - be sure to go and read Kev's first installment. I've already learned things I didn't know. It will be an incredible journey for both of us.

The first two days are okay. Four hours just flies by at work, especially this time of the year when I'm so swamped. The thing I'd hadn't antiacipated - I thought having just one kid in the p.m. would be easier, but it turns out she misses her playmate and wants my attention all afternoon!

How's the learning curve going for you?

Joy M. said...

Hey KP, can you tell more about that mentoring thing? I have always wanted to do something like that, but have never been able to figure out how to start it or make it "stick" between the people involved. What kinds of things did you do when you were together?