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Friday, January 19, 2007

It’s ALL Good! It’s ALL God!

Some of you have asked about my new job and how it’s going. Well, the truth of the matter is, I’m not holding back…I just haven’t started yet.

You remember my pre-employment drug testing saga earlier in the week? Well it seems the testing laboratory is in Austin, and with the weather (translation ice over ice) we’ve had this week, even with the SLOW melting, the results are just taking much longer than usual. It makes me wonder if someone hand carried them to Austin...or what?

I’ve been informed the results are actually faxed at 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. The wonderful H.R. person I’m working with asked that I be available for her phone call each day by 11:00 a.m. and if I don’t hear from her…I’m off for the day.

Wednesday I didn’t hear from her and I actually got to go to the Big “W” to prepare for this weekend’s anticipated 5-12 inches of snow. All I can say is… ARGHHHHHHH! And at least it’s snow and not ice! AND Wal-Mart actually wasn’t crowded!

The H.R. person DID call Wednesday night and when I called back, expecting to get the okay to start my job Thursday, she informed me that the results continue to be delayed, but…as of Monday, the company I’m going to work for made adjustments to my position and my salary went up by about 20% of my original offer letter. She had to make sure I still wanted to accept the position at the higher salary.

Yeah…as if I even had to give it a thought…of course I accepted the NEW and IMPROVED offer and continue to wait to hear from her for a starting date. God just continues to knock my socks off with this job. I cannot wait to get started but I am enjoying the time of rest and preparation to actually diving right in…head first. I keep joking if I just stay home a bit longer I'll get another raise without actually doing any work!

Thursday I went to Target just so I could remember how the place looks. I have severe Target withdrawals if I don’t get in there at least once a week. I also ‘hung’ with my friend, HMTQ, for a bit.

Now I wait, as I enjoy the final days of sleeping in late and hanging with the ‘girls’ all day. All I’ve done is surf the blogs, watch mindless television, fix dinner for the hubs and acting like a home-bound wife. I’m not sure I could do it on a full-time basis. I just don’t think it’s in me, and I applaud all women and men who do this daily! Thank God for your creativity and endurance.

Whether I go in today or next week sometime, I'm still praising God for all these blessings and remembering…It’s all good and that means…it IS all GOD!


Morning Glory said...

You had me smiling all the way through this post. There is just so much anticipation and joy all through it. And who wouldn't like a raise before they even start the job??? Very cool.

I'm eagerly waiting to hear how it all goes, WHEN it actually does.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on getting a raise at work, before you even started! Thanks for visiting my blog.

Shalee said...

Praise God for his blessings AND his sense of humor!

(Ummm, God? Could you do that raise thing with me, even if I have to go to work? Thanks.)

Enjoy that day off again and don't spend all that money on ebay!

theresa said...

I'm so excited for you, it's so nice to hear great news.

FarmgirlCyn said...

Maybe you'll get a paycheck w/o having to actually GO to work!!! Sounds awesome, and it is ALL God!

Anonymous said...

so happy for you tho, that you have the joy of getting some well as building up excitment for the new job! ...and shopping days at Target while you wait - does it get any better than this??

Dawn said...

Wow, amazing! To get to stay home a few more days and get a raise to boot! I'm sure you're really worried about the results of that test ;) I am so far behind because of bombardment at work, and hubby getting a bit put off at the amount of time I'm spending holed up in here - I need a few more days off (without the work piling up) to get caught up here. I want to go back and read some of the ones I've missed - hope it's melting! Talk to you later. Maybe at the blogger get-together! Fall is such a great time here.

Anonymous said...

Okay... you already got a raise and haven't worked a single minute on the job yet? Now THAT is God!! Sorry for the tedious delays but so happy for your fortunate increase!!! WOW!

Anonymous said...

what an awe-some update. Yeah for you, enjoy your last days of not working, and bless bless bless you dear one.

Sally said...

God is good- enjoy the rest- enjoy the snow- and when you get started enjoy the new job!