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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Random Raving

1. It’s Thursday night...and I am still not adjusted to my new ‘schedule’.

2. It seems I don’t have nearly as much free time anymore…which is not all bad…and not all good.

3. I’m glad tomorrow is Friday.

4. I had no idea just how tired I would be working a legitimate 8 hour shift…or more.

5. Cubicles are still “cool” to me.

6. I wonder how I’ll feel in six months of cubicle life.

7. I’m thinking of unique ways to decorate my little space.

8. I am reminded each day one of the reasons God created me…

9. To encourage others…

10. And lead others…

11. And be led daily by Jesus.

12. I finally switched to NEW blogger.

13. I felt so much ‘blog-pressure’ every time I logged on.

14. I’m worried I’ll regret it.

15. I’m worried it will lose part of my ‘stuff’.

16. It looks the same, but is it?

17. I miss my blog time immensely.

18. I’m looking forward to a weekend of blog-surfing and commenting like mad!

19. You all rock and I need my ‘fix’.

20 I gotta get some sleep!

21. Praise God, tomorrow is “jeans-day”!

Blessings for a beautiful Friday!


Dawn said...

Learning a new job is exhausting! I'm glad it's Friday tomorrow, too. I start my new half day schedule Monday. I hope I like it. I hope Kristen likes her afternoons.

Have a great jeans day!

MommaB said...

Oh, man! I wish tomorrow was jeans day for me... no wait... I wish tomorrow was old ratty pj's and sweatshirt day for me. This has been a very long week!!! I pray you find rest this weekend and will be refreshed and new again as you start your new week on Sunday! Have a wonderful Friday!

Butterfly Kisses said...

You know, I think jeans day should be on would make Mondays not stink so badly....and you wouldn't have to worry about ironing your work clothes for Monday either. Yep, let's change it!!!!!

Kristen said...

Looks like your blog is just the same, hallelujah!

I've been in a cubicle for ten years....never known any different. What i wouldn't do for a legit office with a window...yeah right.

Have fun with jeans day tomorrow. I've had jeans day on Fridays for years now and just found out they are being of next Friday. Tomorrow is my last one. Yipee...

I think you'll like new blogger. I was very hesitant, but am very pleased.

Spookie the Warrior said...

Goodness - lots of thoughts!! I am not sorry I switched to new blogger, I can just never think of labels for my posts. LOL!!

Today is Jeans day for me too!!

Look forward to seeing your name on my blog again too!!


Morning Glory said...

On my monitor and in Firefox, your blog looks just the same.

Every time I've started a new job it has taken a good two months before it felt like it was "mine". I hope your adjustment is smooth and quick.

Shalee said...

Looks the same to me... I can't switch yet because it won't let me. Stupid Beta. I'm just holding on to the "I will not be a lemming" idea so that when I finally can switch, it looks like I did it on my own. Yeah... that's it.

I'm thrilled to hear that your work is going so well! I wish I could have jeans day on Fridays. I have "Business Attire - so you can at least look like you know what you should be doing" Fridays.

Sally said...

Blessings on you Kim- soon this will seem normal- many prayers for you
Peace be with you

Praying for your Prodigal said...

I just switched over earlier this week--it was quite the adventure. Some of my side bar transferred....others didn't. With a little help from Kristen (Mama's so called Life)...I am completely transferred now. Still having a little trouble commenting on blogs that haven't feel like a dirty little lurker as I post anonymously. :)

Glad the first week at your new job is nearly over. Transitions are difficult at best...continued blessings for your new adventure!