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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Saying "I Do"

Revelation 19:7 “Let us rejoice and exult and give him the glory, for the marriage of the Lamb has come, and his Bride has made herself ready.”

As my pastor preached on Sunday and spoke about the bride of Christ, I reflected back to my own journey.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I had been awake for hours, just lying in bed staring at the ceiling. I was dreaming about the new life I was about to enter. I was also contemplating everything I still needed to do to make the day perfect. You see even with all the pre-planning and scheduling, there are always last minute things to be done.

I had dreamed of this day just like almost every other girl in the world. The day I finally went from being the perpetual bridesmaid to the coveted spot just left of center: the Bride. I knew my world was about to change more than I could even imagine.

Without the knowledge and first-hand experience, weddings always appeared as a ‘staged’ performance. There were actors, dressed and made-up, that took spots on stage and performed their role. As I lay in bed considering my own fairy tale day, I realized this was more than a role. This was a decision, a lifelong decision that would absolutely alter my life as I knew it…but only after I willingly gave myself to my groom.

It was absolutely beautiful. The flowers were beautiful. The church was full of family and friends. The music was transforming and the vows we declared before God and family were not entered into lightly. The reception was also a glorious memory…a day unrivaled.

My own wedding, while absolutely the most perfect day of my life, was not the only marriage I would enter into. You see I had been courted by God for quite some time and while I had strong feelings for Him, I was not fully devoted to only Him.

Honestly, I had been spending my lifetime ‘dating God’. He was asking for a lifelong commitment and I wanted to ‘see other people’. He finally asked me to submit to him in marriage and be the bride He longed for and created me to be. The day I submitted to Him and understood that marriage is forever, with my earthly husband and my Heavenly Father is still the best day of my life.

Sure, sometimes I attempt to argue with both my earthly and heavenly Groom, thankfully both of them are full of grace and mercy and forgiveness and together we know that a ‘cord of three strands is not easily broken’. I thank God that He is such a faithful pursuer. I thank God we all said “I Do!”

Lord I pray you would nudge me daily to be the wife you have called me to be, both to Paul and to you. I pray you would guard my heart and would lead me towards a deeper knowledge of you.


tam said...

What terrific imagery...

And, as always, just as you had me hook, line and sinker into your story, your wedding day, you poured in Christ...included Him and revealed Him in your story...

Then, it caused me to reflect and wonder if I have made that same commitment to Jesus, have I truly surrendered myself completely to Jesus in the same way that I have to my husband?

In addition have I re-evaluated with Christ? Have I conversed with Him as I do with my earthly beloved as to what I can do to improve and what I need from Him?


What blessings God brings me through the words He provides you with dear friend!

(grammer checks? who needs 'em when the topic is so much more important!)

Dawn said...

Great thoughts, once again! Just beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post, Kim. You always give me pause.