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Monday, January 22, 2007

Nobody Move!

How is it we can scream and shout and jump up and down with enthusiasm about a sports team…but in our churches and in response to the God of the Universe, we often seem more like a group of exhausted senior citizens, medicated and ineffectual? I just don’t understand. What’s more some locals here laugh and joke about one of the churches that DOES shout, scream, and jump up and down for GOD! Is there a limit to the enthusiasm we should show God?

As I stood in my church on Sunday, I started to get a bit excited that we stepped outside the regular two hymns and three worship songs and actually began to sing a semi-praise song. Then as if I’d been punched in the gut, I realized I was once again a ‘lone-clapper’ and I felt like a hyperactive seven year old and stopped my clapping…returning to the sway-and-slap-my-leg-routine. Somehow it just doesn’t seem enough.

I can begin to imagine how David felt as he welled up so full of the Spirit of God that he had to dance and shout and sing LOUDLY! While I pray to God I don’t EVER dance naked…I do desire to respond to the spirit that moves me. I hate that those around me…my brothers and sisters in Christ are so inhibited by one another that they/WE refuse to respond to something so strong.

What’s even more troubling for me is these are the same people I’ve attended football watching parties with and they can “whoop it up!” But for God…nada.

God has whispered in my ear at least three times of His desire to INFUSE the worship of our little church and I don’t doubt God can do it. It’s just really hard for me to stifle this spirit…this desire within me that wants so badly to express God!

I know my pastor would say… ‘DON’T stifle it! Respond to God as HE calls you! Don’t worry about what’s going on (or not going on) around you!’ I keep my eyes closed and I raise my hands when led to…but this silent worship is really rough for me! My husband isn’t much help. He’s so out of rhythm with his clapping that he could get the whole group sounding like a group of disharmonic seals slapping their sides rather than a unified group worshipping together.

Please pray that I would respond to God’s spirit and never let PEOPLE inhibit this natural flow, the rhythm that so desires to be heard to the heavens.

Have a Tuesday full of perfect harmony and clap…LOUDLY when the spirit leads you.

P.S. My first day on the job went swimmingly! It went SO fast…lots to do, lots to learn, lots of names to learn, lots of opportunity! Praise God for this wonderful blessing!


Morning Glory said...

I'm so glad the new job had such a positive beginning! I'm hoping it's just perfect for you.

To quote your pastor "Respond to God as HE calls you! Don't worry about what's going on around you!" That's good advice. I'm not a demonstrative worshipper and I'll probably never raise my hand or shout, but I don't think those who do are strange or goofy. By the same token, I would not want someone telling me that just because I don't show emotion in the same way they do, that there is something lacking in my worship. I hear God speak to me in quiet ways. There are times when the silent tears flow and my heart is full. The person sitting next to me in church may be just the opposite. The objectivity needs to go both ways.

The real harmony in worship comes when we make room for each other. You've raised an interesting point, but I'll admit that most of my shouting is going to happen at a ball game.

I like the paths your thinking follows.

Tami Boesiger said...

"God has whispered in my ear at least three times of His desire to INFUSE the worship of our little church"

Hmmm. . .His way of saying "Go ahead, do your own thing"? He's told you three times--worship unashamedly in truth, Kim. Others will follow.

Anonymous said...

And if others don't follow, so what? And if your husband (or anybody) claps out of rhythm, so what? You might care what it sounds like (on the outside), but I think God only hears what's going on inside. :)

Anonymous said...

I am happy to hear your first day went so well!! Thats wonderful.

I know how you feel in church - I get that feeling of the Holy Spirit bubbling up and over in me too, it is hard to keep it in. So don't! Be crazy for Jesus!! I can tell you, it only takes a spark - you start it and people will begin to join you.

Anonymous said...

Doing a little pentecostal dance with ya! It is amazing that we are so restrained in church....and, yet, in the world we throw caution to the wind. You go girl! Start a revival! It only takes one!

At least you don't have to wear the loin cloth that David wore while dancing--that would even be hard for me!


Shalee said...

My first thought when I was reading the first paragraph was "David - dancing in the street." Then you went and said it.

I think you need to follow God's calling and to be alive with the spirit. Perhaps that is why God has placed you there in the first place.

And praise God for your first day on the job! May it continue to be so fulfilling.

FarmgirlCyn said...

Oh yeah, Kim...I will pray that you will respond. We are a "peculiar" people....what's so weird about acting it??? IS there such a thing as "silent worship"???

Anonymous said...

Well, shamefully, I'm in the category with your husband... you know... the disharmonic seals (sounds like a great punk band, huh)... anyhoo... I agree with Pastor. LET.IT.OUT. It makes a "seals" so happy to know that God blessed SOMEbody with rythym and talent! "Make a joyful noise" and worship the Lord with all your heart mind and spirit!

Anonymous said...

Didn't the people of Isreal think David was nuts?!? He didn't seem to care that they were wagging their tongues.

Kathy Tricoli had a song that said "My soul wells up with Hallelujah's" Oh yeah. So BEEN THERE!

Anonymous said...

I appreciate this post so much. I was just thinking some of the same things this week. Way to post!

Joy M. said...

There I am with the David comment. I am sure I told it to post under Joy M.