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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Words of Affirmation

I’ll be bold and say at some time in our lives, ALL PEOPLE struggle with their identity and/or self-worth. It could be just a little or it could be a WHOLE LOT, but we all go through times of self-doubt or lack of confidence about our abilities, intellect, and for many of us our very God-given appearance.

As self-assured and certain as I appear and as assertive and sometimes aggressive as I am, I still have a bit of self-doubt. Usually these periods are directly related to hormones or emotional flux associated with specific triggers. Regardless of what the cause, they exist and they trip me up fairly regularly.

A few years ago I found a source that helps me soothe the savage beast and actually even empowers me. I use this technique and have helped others to utilize this technique as well.

What is it? You ask…well words of affirmation of course.

I take a small photo album, you know the ones they sell for one-dollar or less, typically used as grandma brag-books. Instead of filling them with pictures, I fill them with my favorite Scripture, or Scripture that affirms who I am in Christ; the “me” God speaks of!

I hand write the Scriptures onto note cards or colored paper and put stickers on them, or doodle a bit on them (you know me; MORE IS MORE). Then every day, either while I’m driving, waiting in a drive-through, getting ready in the morning or just down on myself…I read them each…out loud. I repeat them. I repeat them again, sometimes. I personalize them and make them mine!

Not only is this a wonderful tool for Scripture memory, but it’s also a way to crawl out of a funk (when I remember to pick them up).

I had almost forgotten about them, in the midst of a busy summer, but I stumbled across them during room cleaning and decorating and lo’ and behold the same Scriptures I had in there still ring so true to me. I can almost recite them verbatim, but it’s still nice to look at my writing and know God gave these to me! I actually have about 3 books for this and I pick up empty books to fill for others who are walking a lonely journey.

I remember Beth Moore talking about using note cards to remember Scripture, so you may already have the note cards complete, just transfer them into an album and drop them in your purse or put them in your nightstand and read them OUT LOUD each day!

Edited 7:26 pm 08/09/06 to add pictures from my affirmation book. Found it's stashed space. There are actually 20 scriptures in it are some samples

Have an awesome day!

Hey, I kinda did a WFMW...only it's more a works for me EVERYDAY! or when I don't misplace it...


Cool Mama said...

Good stuff. I do that with something else - I've written out what I call my "Godly Identity" ( ever heard of Restoring the Foundations? )and read it over myself as often as I can. It REALLY does make a difference. But..I love the idea of the little book and the scriptures of affirmation - plus the fact that I've really wanted this year to just memorize more of the Word! Thanks for the great heads up! Gonna get me a little dollar store album and some stickers TODAY!

Aunt Murry said...

Good idea! Thanks for stopping by. I wish I could have taken the day off. The pups need some love. They would K-I-L-L me if I dared take a day off. Besides I needs some of the OT! We are mving building and I seem to be the only willin to help our PM that is in charge of the move!

HeyJules said...

That is a good idea, Kim. I have a small notebook I keep in my purse that I take notes in whenever I'm listening to a sermon or at a church function and then I go through and look at those - but I like the idea of a scripture journal!

Kristen said...

I was gonna say this sounds like a great WFMW!

That is a great idea. I like it.

Morning Glory said...

Great idea! I was thinking too that it would be a good WFMW thing, but working for you every day is better!

MommaB said...

Okay... just so you know... you have pulled me out of a dilema! I was trying to think of something I could make for my dear friends who have prayed me through the trials this year and I'm so stealing this idea!!! What a great, great - no wait - what a Wicked Cool idea!!! I'm a thief... 'cause I'm so stealing it!!!

GiBee said...

What an awesome idea! You simply MUST share some of the scriptures you use!!!

Shalee said...

I'm with Gibee. Share.

kpjara said...

Chill Ladies...I'm going to post my pics later this evening...if blogger is willing!