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Monday, August 28, 2006

Out of Center?

Yesterday Pastorman finished a sermon series on Philippians and while I typically prefer the more dramatic, less narrative sermons, this held some important lessons (truths) for me.

As Pastorman spoke about giving and receiving the first truth dawned on me about my own inability to receive…or admit my own neediness and I AM needy…some days very, very needy! Sometimes I need encouragement, other times I need a smack on the back of the head (in a loving manner), and still other times I need a shoulder to prop me up as I internalize all I am hearing and learning.

Pastorman pointed out that most of us don’t expect anything in return when we give to others, but many times we do try to repay what others give to us or even refuse something offered to us out of the independence that is sometimes actually pride and egotism (my words not Pastorman’s).

I’m sitting in my ‘pew’ (translation folding metal chair), and already having to repent for my bad attitude during a time of worship full of hymns this Sunday morning (I’ll post one day about what happens to me during these times), and then I ask God to reveal to me who is the center of my life.

I felt certain I would get the “good-job head tap” for keeping God front and center of my life lately. You can imagine my jaw dropping, eyelid fluttering response when God literally showed me clearly “I” was the center of my life. I wanted to ask Him to check again, but thought better of it. I sat there in silent repentance and asked God to help me reposition Him front and center and get me under Him where I belong.

You see Pastorman also pointed out that when God is not centrically positioned in our lives, then our lives careen out of control, due to imbalance. No matter how hard we try to maintain balance through compensation, it just won’t come without God solidly in the center.

I thought about the gifts God has given me and whether I am sowing my talents or risk losing them from misuse or lack of use. I thought about high level athletes and movie stars and other famous people who have such incredible talent, but their lives sometimes careen out of control because somehow (and the public typically gets to see firsthand what the somehow is), they forget to keep God center of their lives and these talents, and their resulting fame, begin to topple the balance. I am thankful that my own talents don't draw public attention, but they still do draw GOD-attention daily.

You see, I want to learn and apply this lesson of imbalance and giving AND RECEIVING now, so that when I actually step out of fear, into my God-given destiny, I will remember to keep God the center everyday and not have to be rescued from the pit daily.

Here’s to a God-centered LIFE...and balanced Monday!


the voice said...

Left a long, long comment earlier, but Blogger ate it. All I have time to say now is GREAT POST! God bless you, Ken

Morning Glory said...

Good post and great thoughts to think over on a Monday morning. There just doesn't seem to be an end to the things we need to keep learning, does there?

His Singer said...

Looks like we've both been in the learning seat lately, Kim. Bless you as you continue to discern how to put God back where He belongs. I'm working on the same thing!


Shalee said...

I'm in that class too, Kim. Too often I find myself in the dunce seat though.

Sounds as if God and you on the same plane - which of course is where you belong.

Hope to see you around in God's way of thinking soon. (I'm always a little late in coming.)


Cool Mama said...

Wow! Good thoughts..and they fit right in with what God's talking to me about too - so thanks for being obedient and sharing them! Sometimes I find I don't want to share what I hear God saying, because I 'know' that actually saying the words outloud ( or in my case, putting them in print), somehow makes it all more real, and myself more accountable for hearing them! Anywyas...I've heard the Lord telling me I need to ask Him where He's positioned in my life too! Thanks for the push!

Spookie the Warrior said...

I think the celebs lives careen out of control cause they are using their talents to bring themselves glory and fame - instead of bring God glory and fame. We need to focus on the "God -attention" you mentioned and not on ourselves!!
Good post, I think I need to ask God who the center of my life is too.