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Monday, August 14, 2006


Not so long ago, when I was a BRAND new ‘blogger’ there was a bit of an uproar resulting from a small handful of people involved in ‘judging’ blogs based on content. I remember the resulting feelings of division and for lack of blog-appropriate verbiage: it wasn’t ‘pretty’, as a matter of fact, it was downright ugly! An ugliness I don’t want to be a part of again.

I’ve posted recently about my own beliefs regarding ministry. I will probably post about it again someday; perhaps in another light, perhaps not. I read the resulting comments and felt a bit challenged by some of them; not challenged in my own beliefs, but challenged by the degree of passion expressed so openly; from both sides. It’s truly inspiring.

Then, as I was surfing around my fav’s today I came across some aftermath and it honestly hurts. I feel as though I’ve been belittled and a bit patronized because of my own convictions. I know I’m not alone. I know how badly words can hurt someone from my memory mentioned above.

My reminder to each of us (myself included) is if we feel extremely passionate about something someone has written, show grace in responding or commenting. Show the God-given grace we have been afforded in our salvation through Christ. If that’s not possible, then surf elsewhere. That’s what I’m telling myself as I ‘pay this painful lesson forward’.



Morning Glory said...

I just don't understand some folks' need to be insulting and tear down others. You have a right to your opinion and point of view on your own blog. If someone objects, maybe they should click away from it and go home.

Don't let those others intimidate you.

Grafted Branch said...


I really did not intend to hurt you or any of your commenters with the Truth I was compelled to share -- on your blog or on my own today. I also don't think I was tearing anyone down. We should all be willing to call eachother on error -- and I can come to no other conclusion from the bible, than this: that women in roles of spiritual authority over men is error at the core. *gentleness intended* That IS what you were advocating, isn't it?

I'm reminded of Uzza in 1 Chronicles 13 who was stricken dead on the spot because he went about his noble and good intentions (to save the ark) in a way other than was prescribed by God -- our God.

Love is very important, and you ooze it, Kim, really. ;) But while Truth can be spoken without love (and is tragic when it happens), Love is not ever really love without Truth. Love, without truth, serves the flesh and does not save souls or edify the Body.

That has been my intent all along. I take to heart that my cyberspeak wasn't received as speech seasoned with grace, and I will be praying and working on that.

Blessings to you!

Aunt Murry said...

Oh, I could say so many things but as I have been in one fight already today I will hold my tongue.

Here is what I will say, we are each entitled to our own opinions on our own blogs. This cyberspace is a precarious place. We all have things that we are moved to say, they may offend, they may not. I would encourage each of you to reflect on what was said. After reading what GB wrote and reading what you, KP wrote in full, I don't think GB called anyone out. I did not take her post as an out and out attack at you but her opinion. You both make very valid points and they are both point of views to look at and I could add a third. But like I said, I have already been involved in one altercation today and wish to try to stay out of it. I guess I didn't really succeed.

Tess said...

well anyhow, I love your new look. :)

kpjara said...

Thank you GB, from the bottom of my heart, for clarifying. I must have misread and applied some underlying motivation that doesn't exist. I truly applaud your passion and your willingness to share the Word of God as you have learned it.

With regards to women having 'authority' over men...I believe the only authority over each of us is ultimately God. I do believe my God-appointed husband is head of our household.

My main point really was that God will use willing vessels to complete his work; both men and women regardless of gender, age, race, etc. and according to the Bible even regardless of their doctrine and religious beliefs.

Blessings to you as well!

Grafted Branch said...

Amen. I'm useful. You're useful. He's useful. They're useful. Everybody's useful!

Anonymous said...

My friend...I LOVE your new look. Good for you. :) I haven't been by much lately, so I'm not sure what exactly happened here. Regardless, I couldn't agree with you more.

Spookie the Warrior said...

Well, I didn't see the post in question - but I am happy that you and GB have talked things through and I just know there will be healing on both sides.

Sally said...


Aunt Murry said...