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Friday, August 18, 2006


Seriously, I am SO thankful it's Friday!

This weekend the hubby and I are headed to a marriage retreat hosted by our church in one of the big beautiful, comfy hotels downtown! I love those kinds of retreats. It’s an overnight stay in very plush surroundings, and a wonderful way to spend some quality time together before the final semester of school ensues and steals my husband away for 16 weeks. In some respects the actual retreat is just an added bonus.

There was some discussion on retreat subject earlier in the week with Pastorman and his wife. Who, by the way, has asked to be renamed: “Her Majesty the Queen” and so for brevity sake she will be referred to as HMTQ (a bit close to HTML perhaps, but hey, who am I to question).

HMTQ asks what the actual retreat subject matter is and Pastorman informed all present that it’s about growing spiritually as a couple. Sounds pretty good to me. I’m not familiar with these teachers at all, but apparently I will be about 10 hours from now.

It’s a short retreat and will be over Saturday afternoon but I’m always telling hubby how nice it would be to just go spend the night in a hotel for a ‘date’ and being the pragmatic one, he insists there is no reason to pay for a hotel when we live IN TOWN! Maybe we’ll touch on that this weekend…LOL! In all honesty, I enjoy a dinner at a really nice place and a movie almost as much.


I googled ‘Questions For God’ today just to see what people wonder about the Most High and I fell upon a survey (a bit dated from 1999) that USAA did and here were the questions…
34% What is my purpose here?
19% Will I have life after death?
16% Why do bad things happen?
12% have no idea what they’d ask…
7% Is there intelligent life elsewhere?
6% Exactly how long will I live?

In a ‘safer’ environment online, these were the 10 top questions:
1. Why don’t you stop pain and evil?
2. Can love really work?
3. S%x (altered to prevent google gagging) -- do you approve?
4. Is the occult real?
5. Is heaven real?
6. Will the world end?
7. Who was Jesus?
8. Does Prayer Work?
9. Did you create the world…and does it matter?
10. Did you write the Bible?

And from this site there is 1 serious and 1 funny question each week and anyone can put in responses.

Do you feel old? And The dinosaurs were more fun than us, weren’t they?

I’ll leave you with these thoughts…is your marriage everything God desires it to be? And for you seeking singles…are your prayers affirming the marriage you know God desires for you?


His Singer said...

Are your husband and mine long, lost twins?

I say: Romantic bed and breakfast.
He says: What's wrong with our own home and bed?

Gotta love him!

Have a great time, and know that I'm just a WEE bit jealous! :)

Aunt Murry said...

Oh I was alway s for a romantic get away especially if they had a huge tub that I could soak up to my neck in (with or without company). It always made me easier to live with!

Heather Smith said...

Not married yet, but I pray daily that God will make me into the wife He would have me to be! Hope the retreat is fun and spiritually renewing for you!

Overwhelmed! said...

I've never done a marriage retreat, but I'd love to! I think I'd have a hard time convincing my husband though. He'd have to talk about "feelings" and such and spend time away from his son, both things he probably considers worse than a trip to the dentist. :)

We did go to premarital counseling and an "engagement encounter" as part of our requirements to be married in the Catholic church and that actually went much better than expected! I was pleasantly surprised at how little grumbling and how much participating Oronzo did. :)

I hope you have a great time. I'd be interested in hearing all about it when you return!

Morning Glory said...

Hope the time is well spent and you come away with great inspiration!

Kristen said...

The retreat sounds great! I hope you have a great time and come away with some great new marriage knowledge to pass on to us! :-)

You might want to let pastor man's wife know that there already is a Queen....Queen Beth, you know! :-)

Shalee said...

Kim, the retreat sounds heavenly and the purpose of it - magnificent. Our mates should be our helpmeet in the spiritual dept as well.

I will say about my marriage that it is better than I ever thought it would be - all glory being given to God. I know for a fact it is not everything that it should be, but that is because I am selfish... which I am still asking God to change for His betterment. I feel that God has blessed us beyond measure with a fantastic marriage and if it is this good now, it has to be even better as He is creating a better woman of me.

Dawn said...

Have a blessed week-end!

MommaB said...

I hope your retreat is just that a RE- treat of all the things you first fell in love for. Blessings.

R.G. said...

The retreat sounds like just what you need! My hubby and I are planning a one-night "retreat" for our ten-year anniversary next month. First dinner out, then a CONCERT with Third Day and the David Crowder Band, then a lovely bed & breakfast. Need I say, I can't wait? It's wonderful to look forward to special times like this.

And your question... Is your marriage everything God desires it to be? Wow, that's a big one. I think the main thing God wants is that our marriage glorify Him. Everything else is "extra." So yes, I have to say that right now, our marriage DOES glorify God. A year ago today we were treading on thin ice, but it was only due to HIS great work in us that we are excited to celebrate ten years together! We've been sharing our story of God's amazing grace with so many people, and I think that does glorify God.

Thanks for the great post!

Spookie the Warrior said...

A good post Kim. My marriage is not everything God desires it to be... Thats not easy to face but it's the truth. And aside from hubby being saved - I don't know that there is anything else to make it what it should be...

Please keep me and Hubby in your prayers.

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