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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Blessed Among Women

I am sitting in this office today trying to focus on the blessings in my life and frankly it’s one of those days when even coming up with the blessings seems an arduous task! I MUST be a direct descent of the author of Lamentations…which is suspected to be Jeremiah…so not altogether a bad heritage! Though with my MOUTH, it’s more likely Isaiah.

So…I’m sitting here, and today’s lamentation is this lack of work (you’d think I’d be thrilled, but idle time has never been among my strengths). I love/need to go-go-go-go/do-do-do-do! It’s just the way I’m wired, no excuses. I have (and I’m NOT joking) approximately 25 minutes of work to do today and stretching that out over the course of 8 hours is a task…wait it’s already 9:46, so actually only about 6 more hours. My mind starts traveling to all the things at home I could be working on…however the pay is so much less there! I suppose I’m preaching to the choir now, aren’t I?

Before you start in on the lecture of finding some work to do…let me just say that I’ve done that the past couple of days and now literally there is nothing in my in-box…no I’m not kidding! I’m just that good at what I do…okay and it’s a slow time here. I’ve thought about causing some injuries to beef up the business in this medical field, but somehow that just doesn’t feel right.

Then this morning I slept a bit later than usual so as I was speeding out the door (no, I don’t know why), I scooped up all the paperwork I wanted to bring in to fill time and part of that was a card from my wonderful husband. He left this heartfelt card for me to find today and it was so touching and so true!

Side note: card shopping is an art form to me. I love to shop for cards but I won’t buy a card for someone unless it says exactly what I mean. It’s sometimes difficult finding just the right card because they are sometimes overstated and less often, understated.

My husband knows and also follows this truth. For example he won’t buy a card for his dad (who wasn’t around during his youth) that says: “Thanks for always being there for me!” because it just ain’t true. So the sentiment on my card this morning means even more to me! Thank you darling…you continue to remind me of how much love one person can offer and not deplete their source!

My card is sitting on my desk for all the WORLD (translation: my coworkers) to see just how loved I am (and loveable I can be…at home). One of my coworkers came by and politely asked if she could read it, after giving her the assent, she read it and of course “oohed and aahed” appropriately. We both agreed I was highly blessed among women!

And so here I sit now, 10:01 a.m. and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, next to God’s love and redemption through Jesus, my husband is my greatest blessing and that’s a really wonderful place to be! He can irritate me more than almost anyone just because of that rib shortage he has, but he also knows exactly how to make me smile and laugh and love and most importantly how to be loved.

Thank you God for my husband and for making us a perfect fit! You are the Yin to my Yang. Help me remember this blessing everyday!

Have an awesome Thursday! Do something fun today!

P.S. it is...#200. Maybe I should've gotten a cake like they do on tv!


Joy M. said...

Wow, you ARE highly blessed among women. You're getting paid for having nothing to do AND a wonderful husband! I have a wonderful husband, but I don't get paid and have waaaay too much to do.:-)

Great 200th post! *Joy throws confetti* Have a great Thursday!

Overwhelmed! said...

Happy 200th post, now go link yourself on my "Hooray for 100" link exchange. ;)

So, I'm dying to know, what does the card that your husband gave you say?

I'm picky about my cards too, which is why I tend to make them myself and put my own appropriate message inside. Mother's Day and Father's Day are the hardest to shop for for me. All the cards are mushy and, although I love my parents, I just can't relate to most of what they say.

Dawn said...

Wow - 200. I wonder if I'll ever get there.

I know how awful it is to not be busy at work. I've not had that problem, especially since I went half-time - you can divide your job in half on paper, and you can divide in half on your check, but it's hard to divide the word out evenly over the year! Academic year.

I have the same problem with cards (not to mention the atrocious price), especially for father's day. But some just hit nails on heads!

GiBee said...

Hold the phone, missy! Since you love/need to go-go-go-go/do-do-do-do you can just come on over to my house and clean. And do laundry. And I'll cook a super duper gourmet meal for you, 'kay? Yeah. See you in a couple days.

And happy 200th! Wooo hooo!

One more thing I personally think you are blessed beyond measure, because I'm your friend! See how that works???

His Singer said...

DYING to know what the card said...
Can we "read" it too? :O)

God did indeed bless you well, my friend! And we are indeed blessed to read your posts, so keep it up. Happy 200!

Morning Glory said...

Congratulations on reaching #200! The words you write are always interesting!

tam said...

Glory, glory hallelujah!

Whoohoo! 200! And it's a good one! Who knew that it would start out as being unable to count blessings and end up as being blessed among women?

God. That's who...

[ kpjara's ]
[ 200th! ]

(Get it? It's a cake!...[it would have been better looking in person!])

tam said...

oooohhh the cake got issues after sending!

kpjara said...

Okay Tam...why are there SO MANY CANDLES on my cake? It looks like there are about 6, as in 60 or 600 or 6000! Oh were celebrating by word count, huh and there are oh roughly 127,700 words to date and over 1/2 MILLION characters! Don't ask me how I know that either!

Actually I love the cake, do you think there's enough for everyone?

tam said...

I knew! Just KNEW! There would be an issue with the candles...

Yes, celebration for the words my dear, the WORDS, and I thought maybe that there were not enough!

I was going to find a humongous cake to post on for you but I was also far too tired last night to look!

I promise that for your 300th post I'll get you one!'s a cyber cake so there is plenty!