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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Will Play For Money!

I 'scored' Saturday in my find! Take a look at the new $10.00 purchase:'s my new reading chair with ottoman, for the "green room"! I saw it at the 2nd sale we went to and as I approached it, I wasn't even sure whether it was for sale and if so, why it was still there. We were early, but there were others shopping around. When I got closer and saw it was actually for sale and the low, low, bargain price, I knew I had to have it. Want a closer peek?

Okay, since you're being so it is a bit closer....

She's just perfect! Okay, so not perfect...yet, but closer enough to tide me over til I can re-vamp her a bit! She's white leather and she was purchased by the previous owner from an estate sale. Unfortunately due to numerous children and fabric choice it was no longer sensible to keep her. She sturdy and well built. She's got a solid wood frame and the legs of a champion. She's got good bones! She needs a bit of a refluff in the seat area, as you can see and her ottoman is a bit de-fluffed as well, but upon close inspection and cleaning yesterday afternoon, she is prime for just the kind of repairs I can make.

I've been debating recovering her with some loopy, funky, fringy or perhaps chenille type fabric. I even considered painting large black circles all over her, but somehow she's growing on me just the way she is. She's very comfy. She 'fits' me well and I can read or sit with my husband if he's on the computer.

The table sitting next to her is a marble slab table I got for $2.00 at a sale this spring. The antique lamp isn't 'right' but it was perfect on the organ that used to be in this room.

Yes, I said organ. You see when I was young, my brother played the 'sax', my sister played the violin and while my dream was to play the piano, my parents assured me their budget was more the Kimball Organ 'speed'. So, organ it was. My parents financed it and we brought it home. That was when I was in Middle School. Yes I was a late music-bloomer.

I would go to the 'mall' each week and take my lessons; then come home and each evening mom would set the stove timer and I would sit and 'play' and practice for my 45 minutes just before dinner. It wasn't long before I loathed my impetuous decision and ultimate bartering for this beast! Though probably no more than my parents did.

I got to where I could play fairly well and performed in a few 'mall' concerts, but I was no piano player. Heck on the Kimball, the notes are clearly printed and lit up on the keys and the 'second hand' only has to press one key for the rhythm.

My mom had kept the organ all these years, even though she hadn't been played in some time and her circuits were a bit old and untuned (the organ NOT my mom...I can't believe you were even thinking that!). My mother relinquished it to us when we bought our home here in OKC. Our home isn't exactly a mansion and so it was a tight squeeze and my mother wouldn't allow me to just 'gut' the organ and use the empty innard space for storage so she just took up space in the office. I had asked if mom would take the organ back when I found my 'reading chair' and she assured me she would.

This organ was sitting in this room when I left for "Holy Scraps" at church on Saturday. I told my husband we would wait and move the organ when I was available next week. I came home from Holy Scraps about the same time as my husband was arriving home in my father's van. My husband approached the car covered in sweat and I knew the organ was gone.

My husband, by himself, put the organ on a $2.00 rickety 'dolly' and PUSHED it to my parents house, some 1.2 miles away, across traffic. When we walk to mom's, we go across a field, but if you take the streets, as he's a long, traffic-filled walk. Not to mention the 105 degree heat with about 112 degree heat index for the day, when I arrived home.

I lectured him severely about the danger of heat exhaustion or heat stroke (as any good wife would) and he assured me he was fine and did I want him to put the chair in the office. I told him I would move it myself to get seated and cool down! He carried the chair into the office and then finally sat down.

The organ is now gone and in it's place is the $10.00 reading chair and ottoman. I'm hoping to read many books in this space and I'm now almost completely ready to concentrate on the 'blue room' which I have mentally planned and designed and can't wait to get it done!

Tomorrow is Monday, enjoy your Sunday evening and stay cool!

edited 08/07/06 to add title and... My husband also pointed out he could have put a sign on his back that said: "will play for money" and he did get an offer for help at one point, but being the MANLY-MAN he is...did it himself! and the $2.00 dolly he commented to say was actually $40.00 was purchased at a garage sale two years ago for $2.00!


Dawn said...

What a great find! It looks really comfy. I can't believe our husband did that - what a great guy! But I've heard from family members how scorching it is down there. We've finally cooled down a bit. Praise the Lord!

Dawn said...

Regarding your comment tonight - we weren't really acquainted at that time! Not surprising that it didn't add up to 4.

pdiddy said...

In my defense, the dolly is at least a $40.00 dolly and I waited for the light to turn green before croosing the street. The alternative was to walk down the major road for 1000 feet. Also, my wife and I had to go to dinner 35 miles away from our house at 5:30 PM. I di nit want her to stress out about getting the organ moved when her dad would lask why the seats were not back in the van.

pdiddy said...

I misspelled "didn't" in the previous comment.

kpjara said...

Dawn: I figured I probably misspelled something in my post that indicated he is "our" husband! Made me laugh and RE-read though!

Darling P-Diddy: I'm glad you picked up on "didn't" but I'm unsure of the meaning of word usage for: "croosing" and "lask"! Keep your fingers on home-row my dear! LOL

You just might make a good choleric after-all!

kpjara said...

Let he/she who is without sin cast the first stone...God gets the last laugh as always...I meant to say: 'I'm unsure of the meaning OR word usage for...'

Thanks God...I'll work on this log in my own eye today!

Tess said...

What a great husband! And your chair is one incredible find as well. I'd leave the white leather, more versatile that way.

Sally said...

Love the chair, and what a star your husband is!!!
you always make me smile with the way you tell a simple tale thanks for this one...
tagged you on a book meme by the way

Aunt Murry said...

I love bargins like that. Um, any chance that your husband has a brother at home? I would say can we clone him but that would just be weird.

Tammy said...

Great bargain! I love getting stuff like that. We were in need of a futon and found a great one, with wooden sides, for $20 at a yard sale so snapped it up.

And that's a typical man for you...sounds like something my hubby would inisist on doing himself, too. ;)

Meagan said...

Ooooh what a good find! I LOVE estate, sis and I will get up super early on a Friday or Saturday morning, grab some coffee, a newspaper and a mapsco and hit all the early morning sales. It is so hard not to spout prices on items when people comment on pieces in my house.

Thanks for stopping by my neck of the woods!


"Grandi" said...

My gosh! He PUSHED it over a mile - and in that heat??!! What a studly thing to do!! Pdiddy - you are awesome!! I wonder how many cell phone pictures were taken of you by passers-by to show unbelievers what they saw!! HA!!

Morning Glory said...

Oh what I would give for a picture of the organ being "dollied" down the street! That's hysterical!

Grafted Branch said...

My husband and a neighbor "dollied" our piano UP the street last fall! Not near a mile though!

What a picture you've painted.

Love, love, love the chair!