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Friday, August 04, 2006

Twitterer Hears...for 1st Time!

edited to include source of generator for these cool doo-hickeys!

Yep that's right...I got to talk to "Tam", and Yes as a matter of fact I DO feel special! She's only one of my favorite people in the whole world! She's one of those people who, as it turns out, is in my family. No, I don't think we share direct genetic material, but she's a part of the family I would create if I could make the perfect family for kpjara! And she is a sister in Christ!

We talked and talked and I got to ask questions and more questions and she answered and answered and we talked some more. I even answered questions she asked and I don't always do that. I don't doubt for a second we could have talked all night, easily, but in as much as my eyes are burning this morning from trying to stay up late like some sort of immortal acting 16 year old, I'm paying today...and you know what I'd do it again, as a matter of fact I look forward to doing it again, hopefully soon!

So join me in a shout out to "Tam" and all her brood, here's praying you have the most awesome-est of weekends!

In other news: This weekend is "Holy Scraps" at my church (our women's scrapbooking group) and I'm so looking forward to making some headway on a 'special' project due soon as well as having some fun/fellowship with some of my favorite churchy-women (and of course M&M's will be consumed).

I finally got the "before" pictures of the project room I am doing. I made it look a little worse than usual so the after pictures live up to the effect...sort of like extreme makeover when they strip the poor soul of all their makeup and show the REAL person before! There is extra dog hair on the current comforter and a few 'skewed pictures' as well as a towel drying on my vanity chair in there!

I got about 5 or 6 pillows made last night out of this .25 cent funky green fabric scrap I purchased at a garage sale early this year (before this project came to fruition), and also two table runners I got dirt-cheap at TJ Maxx I like this store almost as much as two of my other favorite haunts: this one and this one! I could get myself in plenty of trouble at any of these places. I'm a total bargain hunter and have lost out on purchases because I want to wait for one more mark-off, that's the one thing that saves our budget.

I'm thinking of doing a post of my cost-savings items. I'm not quite as avid a shopper as I used to be; God really has done a work in me to break the materialism I was existing in. Everyone once in a while I can still hear Him whispering: "You don't need another decoration, Kim!"

Still if you're looking for frames, home decor, bedding, etc., let me know I'll help direct you by color/brand/thread count/crystal pattern! This week, in addition to the table runners for under $4.00 apiece, I also picked up a HUGE mosaic 'stained glass' vase that has lime green, turquoise blue AND it could go in either the green room or the future "blue room", for $8.00! I could only beat that at a garage sale, which I have also been faithfully perusing (during the early pre-heated hours of 7:00-9:30 on Saturdays). I've picked up a few 'finds' and you'll see those soon as well!

I think that just about covers it...oh and the hubby and I are going down to Norman for dinner tomorrow evening to another friend/fairly new blogger's house: "Serenity". We've been friends for awhile now and it's bound to be a fun-filled evening!

Praise GOD it's raining again. We got a nice long rain-storm last night that cooled the whole city down from it's overheated state! It's raining big fat, heavy drops of soul-cleaning, skin-cooling rain. It's the kind of rain I would be out playing in if I were home today! I love to walk and dance and SING in the rain (I just have to watch out for lightening and large swirling clouds) in Oklahoma!

Have a beautiful Friday!


Heather Smith said...

I'm gonna keep an eye out for your money-saving tips! My brother and I are gonna be roomies. And our house needs a lot of prettying up!!
Have a good one!

Grafted Branch said...

Love that marquee! How ever did you do that?

kpjara said...

Heather: I'll keep you posted! How cool your brother and you...roomies!

GB: I totally forgot to include the link...its:

and they have TONS of fun generators for signs/billboards, cool stuff!and tons of fun!

tam said...

Wow! What a post...! AND that SIGN! whew! I am impressed with the girls ability to make new things all the time!

You're sweet sweet about our conversation and I feel badly about your burning eyes!

Pics! Pics! of the rooooommmmm, the pppiiilllooowwwss, your scrapbook pppaaaagggeeesss...come now one little HA HA pic does not count!

GiBee said...

Wait a sec ... did I miss it, or did you say when you were going to post pictures? 'Cause now would be nice.

Karen said...

Yep, Tam is a pretty incredible gal. Glad you enjoyed a good chat!