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Friday, August 25, 2006

Seeing AND Believing

I’ve been thinking/meditating a bit on a word lately. A word that is tossed about and implied more than actually envisioned (at least in my own experience). Here is the definition according to Encarta:

Transparent: obvious and easy to recognize: clearly recognizable as what it, he, or she really is.

I can hear lessons I’ve heard in church about being transparent and this definition is what I always related it to. Today as God put this word in my head, I dug a bit deeper…okay…actually I read the entire definition in Encarta and the FIRST one that pops up is:

Transparent: easily seen through: allowing light to pass through with little or no interruption or distortion so that objects on the other side can be clearly seen.

WOW! That’s so cool. So based on what this says; as I am transparent, the LIGHT (being God in me) is able to pass through me and be visible to others outside my ‘lightness’. AND the more transparent I am, the less DISTORTED that ‘light’ is; the less INTERRUPTION by my own skewed thinking…FOR THE SOLE REASON of the light being seen CLEARLY by those on the other side of light.

I don’t know about you, but I not only want to be PURE LIGHT, but also seen clearly for Christ in me, not distorted by the Kim in me. Honestly, in my initial beliefs about “transparency” it was still very “ME-CENTRIC”…and God’s idea of transparency, at least to my understanding is not only intended for my own repentance, but for His ILLUMINATION; a more GOD-CENTRIC process. MORE God Less Kim, the way I think He would really like it to be.

I love when God teaches me things like this. I love that He is able to begin to teach me this lesson in this way and He also knows that you may not learn the way I learn, so He tweaks it to fit your personal learning style!

What do you think it means to be “transparent” and how is it accomplished? Why is ‘being transparent’ so important?

For me it’s accomplished in a process of purge/refill through repentance and forgiveness. I think the importance has been my own growth in Christ and more than that, it’s the common link that binds our community. We are imperfect and always will be…no matter how hard we try to ACT right and BE right, we will ALWAYS fall short. We can either let it defeat us completely, or we can embrace the Spirit of God within and be transformed through the light of transparency.

‘There but for the grace of God, go I’ (John Bradford)

Have a well-lit Friday!

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Spookie the Warrior said...

Wow Kim, I never thought of being transparent that way before!! What a thought process you have started in me!! Now I know how transparent I want to be, and why !!!

Have a wonderful weekend - I will be back on Monday again!!

Dawn said...

You ALWAYS give us food for thought. Thank you.

If it weren't for daughter, Kristen, nothing would work on my page! She's my HTML expert. I don't even try!

Morning Glory said...

Wow, that's good stuff. It's not always easy to allow the real person to shine through. I like the idea of being so free of smudges or obstructions, that the beauty of Jesus can really be seen.

Grafted Branch said...

Transparency is so very important to His children living amidst the chaos, confusion, challenging circumstances of this world, isn't it? Thanks for looking it up and helping us apply it.

Tam said...

I just finished reading your last three posts...

There just AREN't words to say how very good you are at this business of sharing what God reveals to you...

I, for one, am unBELIEVEably GRATE-FULL that God has placed you precisely where you are...

Both in your life and in mine!

Thank you dear Kim thank you!

Joy M. said...

Great post Kim!

Cool Mama said...

Hey there....back from holidays..and checked in to read your last couple of posts! Wow!! You are amazing!! I loved the 'rev' of transparency - that's beautiful...what a great goal for us all to shoot for! There's so much good stuff in there...but I think I'll just 'chew' on it for a while! Thanks for the inspiration!!

Sally said...

I love this Kim- just what I needed after my week away- we must be transparent, but it is not easy...thank you for sharing your meditation.