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Thursday, August 10, 2006

I'm So Excited!

Not so long ago I was blogsurfing. You know how you just jump from one to another via comments or through someone’s blogroll. I fell upon this wonderful blog! She really is quite an encourager (which is right up my alley and SO needed SO often), but she is also funny, and gifted in writing and music, as well as being the mother to a beautiful girl!

I came upon this post. Seemingly just another Thursday 13 post (which I do not participate, being the non-conformist I am, LOL). The list ‘caught me’ because it started off saying: Thirteen Nice things you can do. Courtesy of Do One Nice Thing.

I started reading through her list and each one was a wonderful opportunity to do something nice for someone either short term or long term. I thought about how our blessings come through blessing others! SO I picked one…any guesses????

Hint….you know how much I love to write and I LOVED Charlie’s Angels growing up!

I didn’t make it any further than #5 when I knew I’d made a match! At first I thought…hmmm high school seniors don’t need angels, they need probation officers. As I read on I realized they were talking about SENIOR CITIZENS, which I, one day in the VERY distant future, will be. I clicked the link “Senior Angels” and I landed at a place that was organized and providing such an incredible service to so many.

I read through the suggested information and decided I would sign up to do this. I immediately got a reply notifying me that they had received my application and they would review it and notify me if I was selected. I was also asked to pray about my own willingness to commit long term to a person (as their angel) and to be certain I was willing to send weekly letters/cards and monthly gifts.

I knew absolutely this is one of the areas God has gifted me…writing, words, cards, encouraging…all of it just waiting to be put into good use. I was then contacted via email to be introduced to the ‘group’ (which is ENORMOUS! I might add), and given the rules/regulations and all that yucky, albeit necessary, organizational junk. I was also notified that the matching process takes up to 3 weeks and not to get discouraged…I would be contacted.

In the interim, once you are ‘signed-up’ you begin to get the (almost daily) updates and emails from other ‘angels’ regarding questions/concerns for their ‘assignments’. It was all a bit overwhelming and I almost thought I’d made a mistake and was almost ready to send an email backing out. I prayed about it instead.

Well, yesterday I got my email with my “Senior” and all her information. I haven’t even sent a letter yet but I am ready! God brought this woman into my life at this point in my life to correspond with. I will be her “Senior Angel” and I know I will grow through this experience and fall in love with her as the process develops.

If you or your family (yes, the whole family can sign up to angel 1 person) are looking for worthwhile volunteer opportunities, this could be the one! Check it out, check out all those opportunities listed at Butterfly Kisses, and see if perhaps God is prompting you to serve in one of these areas!

God Bless and have an EYE-Opening Thursday!


Joy M. said...


I know you are gonna love corresponding with this lady. I corresponded with my aunt in her last years just because I was in a lonely place at the time and she would respond. I grew to enjoy her letters thoroughly. Elderly people have the most awesome stories to tell!

Shalee said...

What a beautiful way to show God's love with skin on to those who are often left behind.

Showing that kind of love is priceless beyond measure.

Sally said...

what a wonderful post- and what a wonderful way to show someone they are cared about. as you say Kim, right up your street!

the voice said...

I worked in the nursing home industry for many years, and I know how lonely and forgotten many of these residents feel. You are doing a wonderful thing that is sure to touch your "senior" deeply. What an awesome thing to do! God bless you Kim!

Dawn said...

What a great idea. I know you'll have a mutual admiration going on with your new pen pal.

Regarding your comment to my TT - my sentiments exactly!! I find it very inappropriate. Of course, we used to pin our bra and slip straps to our tops so they didn't show! Oh, I am definitely a dinosaur.

MommaB said...

I tried signing up for the SeniorAngel and it tells me they are not accepting applications until after August 15th. Were you able to bypass this or should I just check back with them next week? Wasn't sure how long ago you applied for this!

kpjara said...

It dawned on me this post sounds like I'm tooting my own horn...I'm not posting this for the "good job, Girl!"...I just think volunteering is so important and this seems like such a cool way to get everyone involved!

I'm a bit bummed to hear they have a delay right now, but I'm hopeful it's only for the week!

Maybe I should nominate a few seniors too!

Cool Mama said...

What a great idea! Right away I wanted to sign up, but it's funny how God is keeping me on a 'short leash' these days. No more volunteering or signing up for anything, without asking Him first! Sometimes it feels like a drag..but I realise I'm a person who overcommits myself to the point where my family was getting the left-overs! Anwyays..I loved the idea that we could do this as a family tho. that God has 'slowed me down', I'm talking to my girls tonight to see if they'd like ot join with me. ( maybe that was why God slowed me down!) Anways..your blog always has such great stuff!! I check you everyday!!