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Friday, May 05, 2006

What's Your Story?

As I surfed this morning I came across an interesting entry about the “noise” in the blogdom. There are over 100,000,000 blogs out here, from what I read over at Holy Experience. She actually posted an interesting read titled “God and the Blogosphere”, check it out.

She asks similar questions and I’m going to ask them again now…How does God do it all? How does he keep all our stories straight? How does he know me from “Adam” for that matter? It’s amazing to me how many story-tellers there are out here.

One of the first things I learned in some communication class I took, forever ago, is if you want to get someone talking, and take the pressure off you, ask them about their story. It’s so true and whether we are comfortable or not speaking one on one, in groups, or even in huge settings, we all have a story that begs to be told. We can tell it out loud, or in writing, or digitally, or in music, or in art, or in some other form, but it needs to be told.

I always struggled with aggressively witnessing about Christ to others because it felt so intrusive and my own reciprocal experience was less then inviting. BUT, the day a person asked ME, “What do you believe?” was like a door opening up and an invitation to tell her all about my life with Christ, thus far.

I love this ‘blogdom’. I knew I’d love the writing as a release and for practice. I never realized how much I’d LOVE to read other people’s stories. It’s fascinating to see connections or unique experiences. It’s like reading a “Year 2K Bible”.

Today is a tribute to the bloggers here and gone; to those that went before us and started this little experiment of epic proportions. I did a quick search and while I can’t pinpoint the exact date of ‘blog birth’ it appears as early as 1998, so I’m sure it must actually date back even further. The blog ‘explosion’ reportedly came during the Iraq invasion. It was used heavily in political arenas as an election forum. There are blogger conventions. There is a CEO Blogger convention. There is an international meeting of bloggers. The list goes on…

Today I say thank you to each of you who write from your hearts and pour out your stories. Thank you to those that share a rich history and heritage for all the world to see. Thank you for raising the ‘bar of excellence’ among humanity. Thank you for allowing even a glimpse into your world each day. It’s a pleasure to get to know you and I’m thankful our stories collided.


the voice said...

Hi Kim! I read somewhere that the first blogs were actually research papers posted on something called the "usenet", which was the precursor for the internet. That was back when only the "geeks" were online. Just a little tidbit. Do you think we should send a Thank You card?

Tess said...

I keep coming back to read this post again. Great thoughts.

Dismantle Queen said...

Im with you, I am new at all this and I cant get enough of it, I find my self first thing in the morning signing in to see what is new today. I am excited that people are reading my blog and commenting,,God's strength works in mysterious ways, I say Thank you too.

GiBee said...

K -- you did RESEARCH?

Honey, get back to beading!

Seriously, I love blogging, too!! Love the community, the friends, opportunities to witness, support each other, etc. Love it!

Morning Glory said...

I'm thankful for the "new friends" too. It keeps surprising me that people find something useful in what I have to say. My blog was started for me and I've really enjoyed getting beyond myself and mingling with others.

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

It is crazy that God can sort it all out, know us personally etc. Mind blowing.

And to think of so many blogs is mindblowing too. Makes me feel very small.

but it sure is cool to be able to get to know people, not just celebrities and journalists, and read their thoughts and opinions.

Overwhelmed! said...

It’s a pleasure to get to know you as well and I’m grateful that our stories collided.

I'm fairly new to blogging but I love it! I hope to meet another on-line mommy (and her son) this weekend, if she can make it! I can't wait!