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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I Can't Believe I Went to College For This....

*Note: For those of you in college or just completing college to pursue and fulfill your lifelong destiny please understand this is what happens to all that college experience put into not be discouraged your own experience may be even MORE blog-worthy.

Actual conversation this morning at work.

I was standing in front of the postage meter changing the date to today's date for obvious reasons.

Me: "Is today the 11th?"

Transcriptionist: "No it's the 10th."

Accounting Clerk: "It's the 10th. Tomorrow is the 11th, so today is the 10th."

Me: "So today is the 10th?" (Yes I am an antagonist, though I like to call it a "GROWTH FACILITATOR")

Accounting Clerk: "Yes tomorrow is the 11th, so today is the 10th." (this is the person who does our payroll and pays all bills)

Transcriptionist: sounds of laughter bursting from her end of the hall as I look past the Accounting office into hers with THAT look: "I can't believe I went to college for this?"

Have a FUN Wednesday or is it Thursday?


Morning Glory said...

It's Wednesday and yesterday was the 9th. :)

Shalee said...

It's Wednesday, the 10th, exactly one week after my birthday... which was the 3rd in case you forgot all that math from school.

Oh and you aren't still writing 2005 on all your checks are you?

kpjara said...

I actually found myself writing 2007 on my checks! Yikes...I guess 2006 is a complete wash in my minds eye.

So..clarify it's the 10th, yesterday was the 9th, tomorrow is the 11th and today is is one week after SHalee's birthday, in which we has continued to celebrate in STYLE according to today's entry!

There...I think I can do it...I must still be on this side of hump day.

HeyJules said...

That was just hysterical. Thanks for the morning giggle, KP.

the voice said...

I'm's 2006?

Tess said...

It's the 10th and my birthday is in 26 days and I'll be 26.

Karen said...

I ask myself the same question every day.

GiBee said...

It's the 10th. Tomorrow is the 11th, so today is the 10th...


Sounds like you work in the same place I do!

GiBee said...

In fact, the guy that works right next to me (you know ... the Whooo Ahhh guy?) just clapped his hands together and said (to himself, mind you...) "Whooo Ahhh. I'm so pumped ... I'm ready to rock and roll."

Why me?

kpjara said...

I'm so glad to know I'm not alone in my craziness...thanks to all for the clarification of the date and Tess 26 days til your 26! How cool is that. You probably should've played the "Powerball" tonight.

So...tomorrow's the 11th then...see you then!