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Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Tribute to Mom

I wanted to get this one out here because I want to hear what you're doing for MOM this weekend...spill it! I've seen some pretty COOL stuff out here in the blogdom. I was only going to do a HobbyLobby gift certificate but I'm feeling a bit underwhelmed by the whole thing.

It's almost Mother's Day. A time to recognize all the things she did and DOES for us. A time to reflect on who she is and was. A time to remember her, if she has left her earthly post. Most of all it's a time to thank THANK YOU mom not only for giving birth to me, but for all the days since then.

I did enter a "contest" at Mom 2 Mom Connection and while I didn't even get an honorable mention...this is my submission, my gift of words to mom...I may even print it out for her!

A Tribute to My Mom

Thank you mom for putting into me what you are…
You are brave.
You are wise.
You are loving.
You are kind.
You are giving.
You are a friend.
You are truthful.
You are a teacher.
You are an editor.
You are a speaker.
You are a prayer warrior.
You are a visionary.
You are strong.
You are an artist.
You are a supportive wife.
You are a doctor.
You are a counselor.
You are a mentor.
You are a missionary.
You are colorful.
You are funny.
You are playful.
You are available.
You are a Godly woman.
You are my mom.
I love you.


Tess said...

that was so lovely!!

I sent my mom a card, but I'm going to visit her in a few weeks when she has surgery and wait on her hand and foot. because she deserves it.

Sally said...

How wonderful to have a mom you can write such things about!

Morning Glory said...

Lovely, just lovely.

Shalee said...

That was just beautiful.

GiBee said...

That was lovely!!! I wish I cold write like that. I was to intimidated to enter the contest ... I couldn't even begin to write what I felt about my mom ... so many emotions -- where do you start?

You did a great job!

tam said...

That, my friend, was so sweet...

How awesome it is that you have a mom to write about in that way.

I have my Grammy. My mom, well, she is in her own never-never-land.

My Grams is my un-official mom and I adore her.