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Monday, May 29, 2006

Home Sweet Home

For those of you who have been following the "Vacation Journey"... we made it home safely and as wonderful as vacation is...returning home is the most wonderful thing to me. It's that love and joy that is our home...

I am going to rotate days of posting the rest of the vacation story and tonight I will share the first few pictures, cause frankly this girls gotta get some beauty sleep for work tomorrow! oh and for those requesting pics of the author...those, my friends, will be posted on the finality of this vacation series. Cruel, aren't I!

Here we go...

the 'LOVE PONIES' (that one on the right is ALL male).

This next shot is a very small portion of the "Quality Beef Products" just outside of Amarillo. The refreshing scent that only thousands of cattle can bring, permeates the nasal membrane of even the most congested sinus!

The next site was the "GIANT" cross and here is a unique pic we caught as the sun slipped behind this massive structure...and I posterized it slightly.

This is one quarter of the "stations of the cross" represented.

This second picture is me at the base looking up the cross, just to show perspective and size.

and of course...who could forget the "HOLY TICK!" site.

What evil lurks even at the cross sign! Giant Deer Ticks! Here's the closest pic I could find of what it looked mom of course told me I should have burned it to ensure it's death...I'm telling you it's a good thing I don't smoke anymore because I would have set that car on fire!

Mine looked like the 2nd from the left. Still gives me the heeby-jeebies! Stop laughing at me! Look at your pinky fingernail and imagine a tick half the size of that nail on your leg...just looking for some "skin" to snuggle in and start sucking your lifeblood direct from the source! LECHHHHH!

The next stop, was to capture this somewhat scary look at the entrance to the "Land of Enchantment". It doesn't look like much til you get in further...afterall it's just a bit of desert with scrub brush. I'll just let you use your imagination (unless you've seen it yourself) and I'll save Albuquerque pics for a few days so you can just pause with me and thank God for vacation and in wonderment of why he would create ticks?
Blessings on this Memorial Day! Have a wonderful evening.


the voice said...

There is only one thing I hate more than mosquitos, and that's TICKS! If I see just one, or if someone even just says the word, I start feeeling them crawling on me. So why would God create such a detestable insect? Because God also has a sense of humor. He just likes to watch us dance around once in a while, trying to feel and look at every inch of our skin for those little blood suckers. Well, I am not laughing...well, maybe a little. Anyway, welcome back. Can't wait to see the rest of the pics, and hear more about the trip. I am praying for your sister, by the way. Hope whatever issue she is dealing with is overcome. God bless you, Kim, as well as your husband and sister.

Morning Glory said...

That's an amazing photo of that cross!!

GiBee said...

First of all ... love, love, LOVE that picture of the cross and the sun.

Next ... beware of deer ticks. They may be small, but they pack a powerful and lethal punch. Trust me. I fought lime disease for 9 long months! Not a fun time.

Glad you had no tick punctures!!

tam said...

Hurray she's (ok they) home!!!

The pics are great and yes, cruel and unusual punishment for those of us who wait for pics of people!

The crosses were beautiful but really the ticks just were a shocking transition...the inner child in you, I think, enjoyed that a bit! (despite your own horror at having one on you, but why keep the "joy" to yourself right?! right!)

Shalee said...

Love the pictures of the crosses! I heard a lesson once that challenged us to find the cross in everyday life. It really put me to task to see Jesus in everything.

I could have done without the ticks though. Leave those at home when you come to KC, okay?