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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

1-minute comic relief

Reason #467 not to get ready in flourescent lighting.

So I get myself all "dolled" up this morning as I always do (stop laughing)...and I visit with my darling husband for a few moments while he's barely conscious and apparently blinded by the sunlight streaming into through the slats of the blinds. I kiss him goodbye jump in Maxx and head off to work while finding the perfect drive-along music for "hump-day". I fine tune it in and I'm singing along and suddenly I look up into my rearview mirror and nearly screamed.

There appeared to be two giant orangish colored moth/butterfly rejects in my mirror. I decided I better open my eyes while driving and look again to see if the monstrosities had been frightened by my scream of terror.

I peaked up there again and not only were they there...but they were on my eyelids! You see under flourescent lighting the EYESHADOW I used this morning (not the one I usually wear obviously) was a beautiful bronze and I thought it would add to my pasty white appearance in some becoming way. Unfortunately in DAYLIGHT it appeared orange and not only that but I applied it so quickly that there was a definite LINE. Where was the blending I had applied just moments before? Where was the beautiful woman who sat in my bedroom? GONE! That's where, gone with the SUN!

I got to rubbing the dang things and by then my eyes are watering because they're sensitive anyway...and now I've got orange all over my fingers, watery eyes, I'm singing music and laughing and I'm certain people driving by me are thinking: "This is exactly why women shouldn't drive...they should put that makeup on at home!"

I want to give you the most realistic pic of what I looked like this morning so without further it is...

Yes that was me, only in bright orange (called bronze to trick you!)...

Happy Hump Day!


HeyJules said...


My make up usually comes out okay but I haven't yet figured out what happens to my hair between the time I leave the bathroom mirror and the time I arrive at the one at work. Is one of these mirrors a circus fun mirror and, if so, which one???

Morning Glory said...

That is so hilarious! Laughter is such good medicine to start off my day!!

Dismantle Queen said...

Oh My Gosh!! I am in tears, I no longer have any eyeliner or mascara left on my eyes. Tooooo funny, Thanks for the laugh, I needed it

the voice said...

Can't say that I've had any make up mishaps, but I did, one time, make the mistake of picking house paint based on the stores so called "natural daylight" lighting. I should have known better, and what in the store looked like a soft blue, on the house, in the day light looked like a flourescent blue instead.It was horrible. Anyway, wanted to let you know that I did the "I am" meme. God bless you today, Ken

GiBee said...

OOOOHHHHH!!! Turn your head, woman! You are BLINDING me!

What were you thinking?

Good think I love you regardless of bright orangey coppery bronzy penny eyes!

But, uh... could ya give me some warning next time so I can put on the shades? Thanks!