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Friday, May 05, 2006

Deep Thought #497

“To do is to be.” Socrates

“To be is to do.” Aristotle

“Do-be Do-be Do.” Sinatra

I had this on a t-shirt in college and it helped me keep perspective. I wish I still had it… it would be nice to have some perspective some days! hey...where did my perspective go?

Happy Friday!


Aunt Murry said...

One of my favorite T-shirts said "Mean people suck"

Dismantle Queen said...

I saw one that said, " I am a legend in my own mind" talk about Do-Be-Do-Be-Do

Kristen said...

I love it!

GiBee said...

Oh, that's hilarious!

Morning Glory said...

Love it!

I saw a T-shirt in an airport once that said London Paris Rome Boise. I almost bought it since I've been to those places.

Bought a candy bar instead.

PresentStorm said...

that is too cool

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

that is great!

Tess said...

a friend had one in school which was similar, it had

“To do is to be.” Socrates

“To be is to do.” Aristotle

"Scooby Doobee Do"

Gina said...

I love that!