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Monday, May 15, 2006

Letter To My Younger Self...

I recently saw a book with this subject and included writers we all know and love. I thought it would be interesting to throw it out there at least to think about and maybe to do….regardless of your current age. Who knows maybe one day you can give it to your child and they can reap the wisdom of your experience.

Dear Kim,

You are my favorite person on this earth. I love you dearly and I hope you know that! Sometimes when you feel like you are all alone in the world…know that you are not! God is here, right now and He is there, right now, He is everywhere! Some days it may not seem like He’s here at all or that it even matters, but trust me; He is and IT DOES!

Go easy on mom and dad. Remember they didn’t receive a handbook with you and you are NOTHING like your older brother. Their experience is what is teaching them. God handpicked them just for you! He knew before you were even here, who would parent you on earth. Remember to honor them and respect them. These are the qualities that build integrity and strength and believe it or not these qualities are WAY more important then those A’s you get on report cards.

While we’re on that subject (what God knows and for how long)…He also knows exactly what He’s created you to do, to be! Continue to seek him in prayer and READ YOUR BIBLE…the answers are all there. They are not in some hidden code or text…they are right there for you to see. God has a plan for you! It’s not like some de-coder puzzle. As cliché’ as it sounds and seems, life is a journey to be lived

With regards to men and your future husband (yes, you will get married one day, very happily in fact), don’t give your heart to just anyone. Remember you are a gift that God has created for your husband. You will feel incomplete without him and then the day you find him will be like a new dawn rising! You will know in your heart and soul that He is “the one”. It’s going to be scary and you’ll feel very vulnerable and that’s okay! Just don’t let that independent nature take hold. Always remember who your “FATHER” is. You are a princess…he is a prince. Walk in that truth to the alter.

When you do marry, remember to seal that marriage with God. “A cord of three is not easily broken” and that’s just gritty truth speaking. Our perfect husband is what brings out the radiant glow in us. Oh Kim, you are going to GLOW like one of those tacky lava lamps…and they are tacky, so don’t fall prey to the marketing now or in the future!

Finally remember to do what you are PASSIONATE about. Don’t reject or stomp on your dreams. Pursue them with your heart and soul. Pursue them with God. Don’t measure your dreams against someone else’s. Don’t measure your dreams by the money you make. Don’t measure your dreams by the same measure the world uses.

Measure your dreams by your heart…filled with GOD!

I love you!


the voice said...

Very wise. I wish it was possible to send a letter back to the earlier me, warning me of all the stupid mistakes I was going to make. But I probably still wouldn't have listened, and, without those mistakes, I would not be the person I am today. But there is a lot of wisdom in writing that letter, and rereading it as I go on in life, reminding me of all that is good and right. Thanks for the inspiration, Kim. May God bless you and your husband, Ken

Praying for your Prodigal said...

What a great idea! It's almost therapeutic! I may "borrow" this idea in my life-coaching role.

You are so wise! And what a gift to your-self and each of us!


great2beme said...

Thank you Kim as you know God would even be able to give me a talking to right now. My worth comes from the heavenly father and not the earthly hubby who I love so much. I will just channel my energy back into that and let God channel his energy. Still that free will things stumps me. UGH! You are amazing this was wonderful.

Shalee said...

Beautiful idea. Thanks for sharing your letter with us.

tam said...

This was so very, very good...One of these days I'll do it too...

Thank you for sharing this with us.