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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I'm a wet sponge

I know the visual has got you wondering??? and I’ll get there, I promise if I can just keep my mind in gear and it quits the idling…

In my current reading I see there are many “wet sponges” out here in the blogdom and I’m hopeful that they will hear my heart on this.

I believe we reach this point in our lives when a question pops up: “What next, Lord?” As if we’ve reached the end of this portion of the journey and are waiting for new directives. It could be that we’ve reached the point in the journey when the Lord is saying: “You decide…step out there and know that as you seek MY path, you will always find me there with you.”

I love how the Bible uses the analogy of going from the total reliance of milk as babies, to being on meat when we mature. We are now able to chew and digest and seek our own food. We don’t have to wait for the food to come to our mouths and have someone hold the bottle for us any longer.

What happens physically and emotionally, I believe, is we get a bit unsettled and restless. We have all these things that God has placed in us and we don’t see an outlet to release it. Picture the sponge. It is dry and lifeless. It is fairly lightweight. It is inconsequential. It doesn’t add to, nor does it subtract from, it’s environment.

As the sponge begins to take on water it has more value, it becomes more pliable and more usable. Now imagine a soaking wet sponge, absolutely dripping with water. It doesn’t have a choice but to release that water. It cannot hold the water in, even if it tries to, even if it wants to. It can lie around all day moping about how heavy it is and how it can’t move freely anymore and how it longs to thirst again…but it will not take on any more water until it releases some or all of what it has.

When my life reaches the soaking point (and I’m getting close), and we have many throughout our life’s journey…we must choose to release what’s within us to others in order to take on more. I believe it’s what God desires of us in discipleship and evangelism. There are ‘baby sponges’ out there dying for something to drink.

My challenge to those of you feeling heavy and weighted down is…release it! Ask God to squeeze you and He will, trust me on that! Let that water flow out onto those around you. You can do it here, there, everywhere. It’s probably most impact-ful in person, but hey the blogdom is available and we could all use some water now and again…it’s purifying and life-sustaining powers are unbeatable.
Now get out there you wet sponges and soak the world!


Shalee said...

That was a great analogy! I like the idea of being a useful, wet sponge, ready to be squeezed out onto the world.

It's the times when I'm being used to scrub something and it tears me up a bit that make me want to not be used.

I too pray that I will let myself release. I'd rather be a useful sponge than a wet rag!

the voice said...

What a fantastic analogy. You could look at that water as God's grace, or His forgiveness, or His love, etc. We are actually commanded to share whatever it is we've soaked up, and in that way spread His grace, love, forgiveness, or wisdom. Great post!! God bless you. Ken

Morning Glory said...

As usual, you set my mind to thinking. Thanks!

Kristen said...

What a great analogy. I love your thoughts. Thanks!

Praying for your Prodigal said...

"LORD....squeeze me!"


Dismantle Queen said...

Here I go again off to the land of soul searching

HeyJules said...

Fantastic post! I can't wait for the day when I am full and needing to be rung out!

Tess said...

"As the sponge begins to take on water it has more value, it becomes more pliable and more usable." That is a great way to express how God works in our lives even though we may not understand the reason.

Thanks for visiting my blog today!

Procyon said...

Like a sponge, soak in the word of God and His presence. Then release it to the world! Be filled with the water of life. Nice post.

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Im a Christian from another land! We could link up!


GiBee said...

Excellent post!

I loved what you said about baby sponges... There are ‘baby sponges’ out there dying for something to drink.

It's so true ... but do you think they'll want to drink my "used" water? Just wondering!