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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Word Drought

Business items: It seems a few ‘outliers’ in the ‘Word Meaning Meme’ have requested NEW words! Yep…you heard right…they’ve rejected my initial randomly chosen words as uninspiring (my words, not theirs) and so I am searching for 4 new words and thought I’d throw it out here…tell me what you think!

I need 4, astounding, invigorating, energizing, inspiring, meaningful, thought-filled, moving, stimulating, stirring, rousing, exciting, revitalizing, enlivening, wondrous words to use! I need them by tonight. I’ll post the winners tomorrow…ladies (you know who you are) get ready! This could get very interesting. Don’t worry about dup’s just submit whatever comes to mind.

Aside from that I don’t have a THING to say…can you hear me now? That’s right I got nuttin’! Here is my ode to nothingness.

On Empty

I’ve used the fuel
That makes me go

I’ve used it all
Now I need a tow

I’m sitting by the side of the road
I’m sitting with my heavy lode

I should have stopped 100 miles back
How on earth did I lose track

I sit and hold my useless key

The tank for fuel is reading “E”.


Shalee said...

Hey! They're not allowed to complain about your words! Your words are just fine. They're supposed to answer it and just post their own "astounding, invigorating, energizing, inspiring, meaningful, thought-filled, moving, stimulating, stirring, rousing, exciting, revitalizing, enlivening, wonderous words" like rollercoaster, miracles, chocolate and Christ for someone else.

At least that's what I think...

Heather Smith said...

I would have to say:
I don't know. I liked your original words! I haven't been by in a while. I'm so behind on blog reading!

Morning Glory said...

Complaining?? Shalee's right - that's not how the game is played. They're supposed to work with what you give them. Maybe they could pick their own words....

FarmgirlCyn said...

Trust. Obey. Jesus.
I've given you all I've got.

Grafted Branch said...

Benevolence. Obedience. Holiness. Hell.

Yes, that's what I said.

tam said...

Hey now!

What's the "E" all about...I've not heard mention of this...or maybe I did and missed it in all my rambling about me....


kpjara said...

Shalee: All in good humor I assure you!

Heather: LOVE the list...

MG: Good idea!

Farm Girl Cyn: Also Wonderful suggestions...

GB: No you dih-ent!

Tam: Only "E" for posting material...I started this long thing that was boring to figured...back up...poetry to the rescue and refuel! PLUS I was T*I*R*E*D this a.m.

Don't you LOVE the I thought of words I realized this would be an UBER-GREAT post and challenge! Mwwwahhhhh (reverberating through the land!)

Miche said...

Geesh..I feel crummy now. And WHAT"S with the MWWAAAHHH. Two times in just a few minutes. It's stuck in my head now, and even though I don't know your voice, I keep "hearing" you in my head.

Joy M. said...

I'm back and have more words in my head than I can type. Can I share some with you so I don't have to type them all? hahahaha

This is some really good imagery here, KP. I can see you on that desert road with the cadillacs all buried on end behind you that you described way back when. :-)

Sally said...


MommaB said...

Geeze, who complained? I thought the list I was given was quite fun. I'm thankful I didn't get words like "nuncupative"!!! Remember that from this post!!!

So how about giving out these (oh, but NOT to me of course....) At least they may have to look them up before they can complain about them!!


I know, I know... I'm obnoxious. But I'm fun!

R.G. said...

Hey, I got nothin' to say about words. (I've written around 20,000 of them in the last week or so, don't wanna talk about 'em.)

But I love your poem! And the picture looks exactly like how I feel right now. Cute post!