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Can You Hear Me Now?

Thursday, October 05, 2006


That’s my name. I seem to be a rambling sort of gal these days…and so as I drove to work I pondered what I would write today and it was just random rambling…and for some reason the word Ramble-stiltskin came to mind…I hated that book RUMPELstiltskin…frankly it was downright scary! I re-read it this morning and had forgotten that he ripped himself in half at the end. It’s definitely a story about desire, greed and the price of these things.

I tried to imagine having to trade things away for my words. It did make me realize that just as the young girl in Rumpelstiltskin didn’t think twice about offering some future ‘gift’, we sometimes don’t think twice about what we’re trading for our words…or desires. Am I trading a piece (or a PEACE) of my soul for some of these desires?

I am so thankful that on days when I listen…with my heart…I can hear all the words God wants me to share and it isn’t rambling, it’s wisdom direct from Heaven…usually gifted to me on my journey, and hopefully encouraging to you!

With that in mind, Tam posted a question from a message she heard by Brennan Manning last week. It’s a good one, one I hope we would spend some time pondering and answering. I have been thinking about it since she posted this on Tuesday.

What is our response to God when He asks?

“Do you believe that I love you?”

Personally I struggle truly fathoming how deep a love God has for us. Sometimes, when my flesh is struggling…I doubt His love…like a child who has been reprimanded or punished by a loving parent. Other times I feel the tangible essence of God as He hugs me and holds me tight.

I am certain He loves me. I do BELIEVE that He loves me. Have I reached the point where I understand the depth of that? Not completely…not yet. I’m not sure I will this side of heaven.

I have seen the ‘cross’ and I have seen the sacrifice…what was traded out of love! Yet in honesty, there are days when I walk in doubt and fear, more than love and certainty. There are days when my faith is crippled by my own flesh. But I will seek. I will seek to answer a resounding “YES” that will rise to the heavens and God will KNOW that I understand that He does love me…and just how much He loves me too!

In closing I’ll share lyrics to a song I love that I heard this morning on the way in as I pondered these things…

Help me remember the reason I’m alive
And that I was on your mind the day you died
Help me imagine, this is not my home
And some day I’ll be resting by your side

Help me remember the day you won my heart
And you paid my way to freedom with your love
Help me imagine the beauty of this gift
A grace that I am so unworthy of
But you’ll never let me fall away from you

You know my name
You know my story
Still you’ve taken on the world
Just for me
I am amazed that you hear me speaking
You listen close to every word I say
Who am I to be loved this way?
You know my name

If I rise, if I fall
My only hope is this
That you’d be with me everyday
Who am I to be loved this way?

Detour 180 - You Know My Name
From the album Fighting For You

Have a loveABLE Thursday!


Spookie the Warrior said...

You know, I went through a period of backsliding and world-pleasing, where I wondered if He would ever be able to love me again. But in the years that I have come back to God, I have not really ever doubted His love for me. I have doubted mans love since then - but not God's. It is like the song says:"Your love is amazing, steady and unchanging, your love is a mountain firm beneath my feet. Your love is a mystery how it gently lifts me, when I am surrounded your love carries me..." and I may have the words a bit wrong here - but I am sure you can see what I mean.

Andrew said...

I just wanted to drop by and thank you for your comments over at my site the last couple of days. I really appreciate it.

Keep on rambling!
Andrew ("To Love, Honor and Dismay")

Cool Mama said...

Hey there...I used to wrestle with God's love for me, because I used to think He loved, like I do - NOT! Thank goodness eh? Also, I've learned one thing that has really helped me believe in His love, and that is to ask Him everyday "Father, what did I do today, that made you smile?" It's amazing the things He brings to my mind, and often I'll add " Why did that thing, make you smile?" And He tells me - blows my socks off! I realised a few years ago, that I am too quick to tellGod what I've done wrong,where I've screwed up, why I'm not loveable and why He should be disappointed in me. He, on the other hand already knows, YET love me regardless. AND He just longs to tell me the things that bless Him - make him smile! Why? Because LOVE is a stronger motivator than fear. Changes made for love, things pursued because of Love - last! Anyways..if you haven't let Him tell you in a long time, what He loves about you, and what you do that blesses Him - try it! You'll like - I guarantee it! We just need practice hearing HIm speak His love over us!

Aunt Murry said...

A not so random question...what do you do when you can hear him and yet you don't listen? I know it was a sin. And yet I did it anyway. So what are the consequences? I have yet to ask for forgivness. Don't really feel like I deserve it. And yet I continue to beat my own head against the wall. It's no one's fault but my own. Oh what a tangled web I weave.

kpjara said...

Dear A. Murry: You and I BOTH know that the beauty of God is even when we choose our own path...and NOT listen to Him...He still waits and loves us at the end of that path just as He would at the end of His chosen path! His forgiveness is so much bigger than ours could ever be...and His love is unlike any we'll ever know (so much so I can't quite grasp it all)!

My prayers are always with you.

GiBee said...

See? I just love your "rambleishiousness!"

Anyway, YES! I DO believe that God loves me.... no doubts in my mind.

Whew! Did I pass the test?

Veronica Mitchell said...

I think that this is the crux of theology, and tyhe rgeat challenge fo faith: accepting the love of God. It is the heart of everything, and it is absurd how difficult it can be, and how often the difficulty is experienced, by me and everyone else. Grace really does take faith.

Joy M. said...

Kp, yes Tam had a great post with this one. It was well worth linking!

Aunt Murray, I hope you read this. One thing I have learned, and I carry it with me always. He is always there waiting. He is always faithful to forgive. ALWAYS!
Psalm 51

Dawn said...

Thank you so much for stopping by to visit my FIL's memorial. Thanks for the comforting words. Now I'm working on getting caught up.

I'm with you on yesterday's 80's tirade. I'm too old to have worn those things, but didn't like them then, don't like them now. The 60s are just as bad. Is there a good clothes generation?? Now is certainly now it!!

Nancy said...

You are right, it is very hard to absorb God's unconditional love. I think I understand better now that I have children that I love unconditionally but you are probably right it maybe a constant learning experience this side of heaven. Have a great weekend!

FarmgirlCyn said...

"While we were YET sinners, Christ died for us". Rom. 5:8 He has ALREADY forgiven us for anything we might ever do. The reason we need to go to Him and confess our sins, is for OUR sake, not His!
"For the death that He died, He died top sin, once for all..."Rom. 6:10
His love amazes me, always.

Mrs. Darling said...

Thank you for your words of encouragement on my blog! I needed it.