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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Call For YOUR Story

Rachelle over at Seek First His Kingdom is looking for stories for a new “Women of Faith” book. Lord knows everyone here has a story…uhhh…several stories…and you’ve already shown how you can put it into words…it’s called a blog after all!

It may seem a bit probing and take you to a place of unhealed wounds, and perhaps that is where God is leading, after all it isn’t just happenstance that you came to visit here today. God has ordained each of our steps and He has called us to share our story. She invites us to email our stories and remain anonymous.

I would challenge you to submit something to this and whether it makes it into the book or not…perhaps it will give you an opportunity to purge your soul or offer a hand of friendship to another woman who is lost on her own journey.

Pray about it…see what God says about it!

I have one more bit of news and a challenge perhaps. Jules at Maced With Grace introduced me to this guy named “onionboy" who has this “30-Faces Project” challenge going. There is a link in the new sidebar off to the right.

I’ve tried the Nanowrimo challenge in the past. I didn’t complete it. Frankly it overwhelmed me and freaked me out a bit. However…I know I can draw 1 face a day for the month of November.

All this to say if you come over and see freakish-ly out of proportion faces that resemble an 8 year old rendition of a comic book character…it’s just ME doing my November challenge. I’m not sure if they’re going at the top of bottom of my posts…but they’ll be there…each day in November!

Have a Tuesday happy endings are made of…


Shalee said...

Draw on girlfriend. That is a talent that I happen to NOT possess, which is fine since I married an artist.

But, I will gladly admire your guts and attempts.

Danae said...

hey , im doing the 30 face challenge too. and i feel like a kindergarden drawer. :)

kpjara said...

Shalee and Danae: I fear my faces will also appear very kindergarten-esque...but I also think this is one challenge I can actually COMPLETE...even if I can't COMPETE!

Danae said...

i think it's awesome to participate. thanks to owen for giving me something to look forward to. :)