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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Revolution or Evolution?

I know you’ve heard. Everyone has heard. It only frightens me when I think about what it used to look like. I am NOT going to do it; I don’t care how much I am pressured to ‘cave’…

…I’m not wearing 80’s clothes again! They’re BACK! Sure there were some cute leggings and skirts…for some people. And the layered look, while on the warm side, was convenient in the winter. Keeping a collar up also helped keep a chill out, and it’s quick to get dressed in the morning…you just keep layering and layering and layering…clothes, hair, socks, pants, everything.

I wonder sometimes if the 80’s styles were designed by some vagabond or previous homeless person who was used to wearing everything he/she owned.

Regardless, when I thought about my own clothing choice this morning, a pink t-shirt and black pants, I thought about FASHION and its evolution…which as it turns out is actually only REVOLUTION! What a sad picture for urban anthropology and future archeologists! Someday someone will dig up these time capsules and find the most popular clothes and wonder how the pre-historic people “knew” what would be popular.

Those of us who lived the 80’s (and that’s MOST of us), KNOW…these are repeats. As a matter of fact for as long as I can remember the FASHIONS have not been new and inspired, they are a re-circulation of previous decades, sometimes with a new flair or color or pattern. How disappointing.

You can flip on a television almost any day and see new shows about designers’ challenges, yet we continue to be swayed by old-RE-designed clothes. What’s that about? Since I have been alive, I have seen resurgence of clothes from 3 generations.

Not to belittle the industry, but it sort of makes sense…there are only SO many ways to wear hair, pants, jeans, shirts, skirts, dresses, etc. It makes sense we would rotate these to meet the ever-increasing demand for originality. Unfortunately what is being sold (at a HIGH dollar I might add) is NOT original…it’s at the thrift stores (or was before it became popularized again), it’s in people’s attics…it’s in those ‘retro’ magazines you can find at antique shops or in your father’s garage (if he’s a ‘collector’ like mine).

By the way…the word RETRO is really defined as OLD and outdated.

I went to the MALL the other day (something I rarely do anymore because they’ve LOST their popularity…we’re going back to strip malls!), and INSIDE the mall was an actual thrift store. Oh it’s named something chic and cutesy…but it is nothing but old clothes that are being resold as the newest fashions. There were concert shirts from bands that no longer exist, all the clothes inspired by a Madonna/Cindy Lauper era, and accessories too! It even has that ‘worn a few decades ago’ smell to it, like a thrift store.

I wanted to stick my head in the door and quickly shout out (because the smell is a bit overwhelming) that there is no need to pay $50.00-$75.00 for those vintage jeans, just go get your parents or grandparents old clothes. The older generations still tend to keep all their old clothes (at least that’s what my parents tell me) because “you never know when it will come back into fashion.” Apparently they were right on that too.

One of my friends was lamenting a season or two ago that her husband refused to give up his ‘pegged’ jeans (I don’t know if they’re calling it that anymore but it’s BACK)…and he had bought several pair the last time they were popular and still had a brand new pair…and now their back in style. It’s sad when you wear a fashion for so long that it makes it way BACK into popularity.

My father calls this the “throw away generation”. He reminds me constantly to save things because they’ll ‘be worth something someday’. At the very least I am more inclined to keep my clothes…to GIVE to some young family member and they’ll think I’m the uber-coolest to buy them such awesome ‘retro’ clothes.

This whole thing DOES have a point. When I thought about how completely UN-original these NEW fashions are…I thought about how incredibly GRATEFUL I am to a God that is not only ORIGINAL but wouldn’t dream of recreating me and calling me “new and improved”. You see God ONLY deals in original artwork. Every star, snowflake, sand grain, blade of grass, tree, mountain, ocean and most importantly every PERSON is a one-of-a-kind unique creation of God!

It feels so good to know I won’t walk into a store one day and see a younger-newer exact replica of me! God created KPJARA as a unique, beloved creation just for His glory!

Have a mullet-free Wednesday!

OH...lest I forget...I wanted to clarify from yesterday...I am so NOT upset about selecting new words for my friends who made the a way I got to play the game twice...and make it a bit more the new words are:


Thank you to all who participated and contributed and I look forward to reading about what these words mean to others!


Shalee said...

Oh yes, mullets are a no-no!

This is a throw away generation for sure! I fear what we are teaching future generations about appreciation, gratefulness, contentment and seeing the real value in things/people. Old doesn't mean unusable, especially in people!

Thanks for reminding us that we are all unique and that we will never go out of style in God's world.

Spookie the Warrior said...

Definition of a Mullet - Office in the front, PARTY IN THE BACK!!! Hee!

Ugh, even in the 80's I hated the fashions. There was never anything I felt comfortable in - never! I have seen it all creeping back into the shops - speciall in the jewellry, all the plastic bangles and earings - YUCK!!

Good lesson there though Kim - we are all unique and one of a kind!

Morning Glory said...

What a fun post this was! I especially have dreaded the return of the 70's styles, which have recently cycled through. I look at old pictures of myself back then and wonder how I thought those bell-bottom pants and horrid colors looked good! And the polyester? Oh dear.

Nothing's new under the sun......

Cool Mama said...

Yes are singing my song! Thank you Lord, that we aren't 're-cycled' ( but I hear there is a religion that does!)..and Thank you Lord, that even if our kids look the spitting image of us, there are subtle differences and the personalities are still one of a kind! And by the way...Gaucho's are back in - oh paleeeese!!! The old has a 'new' name - don't ask me what! Altho, last month I told my daughters I was going to get some 'thongs' to wear on the airplane ( and for my trip to the U.K.). After much sputtering and shouts of " Eeewww! I didn't want to hear that!" and protests that they had " nearly died". I finally figured out what the fuss was all about! Did I know that 'they' are called 'flip flops' now? Help!!

tam said...

oh my word!

I am in the same boat on the 80's fashions...although I have to 8yo looks pretty cute in a modified 80s look!

Me? Spookie said, I didn't like them then, don't now!

Praise the LORD for our newness and uniqueness! (although I am ALL for re-using and re-cycling what is good...)

cool mama? So get the "thong" thing...even a friend of mine (much younger friend) didn't get why on EARTH! I would call my flip flops...thongs...

Oh what is the world coming too?

kpjara said...

The things on my feet will ALWAYS be thongs to me...the underwear shall remain underwear or in some cases...TOO small underwear!

VIctoria has NO secrets here. She is just trying to go 'light' on fabric and re-tool my shoe word!

Aunt Murry said...

I'm glad the 80's hair is coming back. My semi curly locks fit right in. no fuss- no muss.

Miche said...

I'm saying it right here for the whole word to see (hear?). I will never NEVER wear flouresent colors again or acid wash. GROSS!

k-we are so on the same wave length! Check out my blg LATE tonight or tomorrow. I'm posting a fashion question.

Miche said...

So I get in my car to drive back to work (was having lunch at home) after posting my last comment. The radio comes on and what song is playing? If You Leave by The Psychedlic Furs (I think that's right) from the movie Pretty in Pink. 80's fashion-no good. 80's movies-love 'em. Who can pass up Pretty Pink, Ferris Bueller or Breakfast Club. And let's not forget 16 Candles.

Anonymous said...

It is actually If You Leave by OMD.

Joy M. said...

Okay, admitting that I haven't read all of this yet. I scroll down and see, "Have a mullet-free Wednesday!"

I had a mullet, thank you. I think it was probably one of my BETTER hair styles. Only then we called it a "bi-level" cut.

I promise to read the whole post and the next one AND do the word meme by Monday. I am so far behind this week it isn't funny. I miss you and Tam!

Love ya, girl!

Joy M. said... An update on Dan and...YES...I finally took care of your tag! Yaaaayyy! It was kinda fun too! Thanks!

Oh, and ask me sometime about my red and black acid wash jeans. It's funny but not appropriate for here. Needless to say, THEY got thrown away.

Wendy said...

How funny! Gotta love those 80's styles. You will not find me in parachute pants or moon boots again.