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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Moving Onward...Not Alone

Tuesday, October 17th

"It doesn’t matter what is behind you as much as it matters who is beside you."

Every once in awhile I turn my head and look back to where I’ve just come from. I can’t see that far, my pace is swift and ever increasing. What I see is sometimes pleasant and sometimes…well…not so pleasant. We all have these experiences and memory stones in our lives and many times we take a long hiatus at one of these stepping stones.

I’ve done it. I’ve turned…just for a brief moment. Next thing I know, I find myself pulled, even lulled back to an event; good or bad. I have even attempted to step back into the event and retrace the history if it was unsettling or just to re-experience the joy, if it was happy.

It takes me a moment to realize…it’s a memory now…I can’t physically change that memory any more than I can relive it. It will continue to impact my journey as I allow it to, sometimes to the point of impeding or misdirecting me, but it is only a memory.

That point…of total recall, is the exact moment when I look to my left (because after all, I’m left handed…we always look to the left 1st) and standing there, next to me, WITH ME, is another.

Sometimes it’s a friend, someone I’ve known for a very long time and has traveled this journey
with me from what seems to be the beginning. Other times, it’s a new friend, one who I’ve only known a brief time but has quickly taken stride with me on this journey. Often it’s family; my husband, sister or another family member encouraging me onward.

Even when it SEEMS I am marching along in solitude, I am not alone. One of the greatest gifts of my own salvation is the assurance, absolute, utter assurance that I am NEVER alone. I do not walk alone. I do not decide alone. I do not turn alone. I am always enveloped and held…and that is a priceless gift.

Even in times when I begin laying the bricks to the walls that surround me (in self-protection of past, present and future), I sense my helper, the friend, my Father standing beside me, urging me towards His path. We will step out together, from behind that wall and continue together through this life.

The living GOD, creator of the Universe and everything in it, is beside me always and that matters FAR more than whatever is behind me now.


MommaB said...

What a beautiful post and awesome reminder. I seem to be in yet another spiritual valley and your words are just what I needed to get me to pick up myself by those proverbial bootstraps, shake of those "whoa is me's" and start looking at those that are to the left and right of me and to the One that is completely surrounding me with His love. I'm so thankful that God put it on my heart today to read your post... now I know why... you were to be one of those I saw "standing next to me". Blessings, KP, and thanks for allowing God to use you yet again.

Dawn said...

It is so great to have so many new people "next to me", though we'll never be physically near each other in all likelihood. What a blessing.

Anonymous said...

I found myself in much of what you wrote. I don't struggle as much as I used to with my "memory stones"...but old habits are very difficult to break free from...thank goodness for those that do walk beside us and I am especially thankful for Him that surrounds me.

Dawn said...

Go for a randomness post. It's lots of fun and clears out lots of cobwebs!

HeyJules said...

Beautiful post, KP.

Shalee said...

Amen, Kim. Amen.

Gina said...

Love the blog look! Just knew Suzie did it when I saw it. Beautiful post! It's so wonderful to know when there's no one else around, we're not alone. Thanks for visiting!

Kristen said...

Very wonderful post today Kim! And a great reminder of the fact that we are never alone!

Trish said...

Amen! What a great post!

Amydeanne said...

lovely! I really like the end.. He is a living God!

Nic said...

What an AWESOME post! I identified with so much of what you said about sometimes wanting to revisit the past and linger on the happy moments. You really struck a note in me with this take on this week's quote.

Sunydazy said...

Lovely take on the quote.
Thanks for sharing!
And now I'm off to take the flower quiz;-)