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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Vacation: Day 2...Just a Couple of Questions...

Why is it on weeks I am NOT working the days FLY by?


Who DO you think you are?

I had a wonderful day yesterday with my friend. I ended with a birthday dinner with HMTQ and Pastorman (her birthday not mine...and Paul was off work so he could attend too)! It was yummy and fun.

Today I’m heading over to HMTQ’s house to help prepare for a garage sale and then to my mother’s house to bead until my fingers ache. Just 5 more days til the first ‘show’…though it’s an outdoor show and it’s been raining all week…hmmm…could be a ‘wash’, no pun intended.

Nothing too significant to post…I’ve read a ton of ‘great stuff’ today. There are two I want to leave you with because they touched me the most today!

1. The idea of “enough” over at Grandma Dawn’s.

2. This heartbreaking story and f/u comments over at Jesus Creed. If the link doesn’t work, the story is called “A Letter From the Heart”, and it lives up to every word.


Dawn said...

Time flies whether you're having fun or not, but it flies even faster when you are!! Enjoy ever moment. Thanks for the link.

tam said...

Can't wait to see the pics of the jewels!

Garage sale? Again?

So happy you are enjoying your room? what's it's status?

your babies (of whom you rarely write about...poor little furry things...) how are they enjoying your time?

kpjara said...

Dawn: I'm definitely trying to enjoy...but not overdo!

Tam: I hope I get good pics of the jewels and YES, I'm helping the "Pastor's Wife" get ready for a garage sale this weekend!

Green room is's the "BLUE ROOM" I'm supposed to be doing the border in...probably will work on tomorrow afternoon...if it stops raining. I'm concerned about hanging wallpaper in HIGH humidity.

The "babies" don't know what to make of my new coming and going more often. They are so understanding of my time away from home, but oh how they love to have me home more! Where we can all pile together on the chair and 'chill'.

Aunt Murry said...

When I am home my furr babies tend to look st me like "When sre you going to leave so I can go to sleep?" or just "Leeeaaavvveee nnnooowwww" It's kind of funny.

Miche said...

Sounds like you are having a busy, but fun time. Don't do too much or you'll need a vacation from your vacation. Can't wait to see pics of your creations!

Butterfly Kisses said...

Thank you for sharing those blog posts with us. They were definitely worth the read