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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Homemade With Love #2

I shared last Monday that I was going to post for four weeks every Monday on different Homemade projects to use for gifts or just to create.

This week I’m going to share the Angel Earrings I wrote about previously that my mother and I are making and a craft from several years ago that was very popular…the “Decoupage” plates.

Decoupage Plates: Here are the supplies you need: 1 clear glass plate or platter with fairly simple lines (works best); ModPodge (decoupage medium available at Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, even Hardware Stores); and a piece of fabric (the most ‘showy’ plates are made with fabrics with a gold, silver or metallic thread somewhere in them. I chose a Christmas themed fabric for this project. You will also need an older newspaper to do the ‘dirty’ work on.

Cut the fabric in a large circle big enough to cover the plate and have an extra inch or two of fabric hanging over. Then lay the fabric face down on the back of the plate and pour ½ of cup or so of the ModPodge on the fabric and start spreading it around. Yes I ‘spilled’ the ModPodge on my work surface…that’s one reason why you want the paper down!

I use my hands to spread the ModPodge around. I love the feel of this “white glue” beneath my fingers, but you can also use a large paint brush to spread it around. You want to be sure and smooth the glue all over the plate and down to the very edge; pushing down the bottom edge onto the surface you are doing it. Keep working the ModPodge around and get air bubbles out as they will distort your finished product.

*It’s okay if the plate ‘seems’ glued down to the paper. Leave it to dry and when dry to clear, cut the edge of the fabric/paper off the plate (this one took approximately 2 hours to dry). Then cut close to the plate all the way around and VOILA’ the finished plate.

It’s beautiful to give homemade cookies on, wrapped in cellophane and a pretty ribbon (of course) or just hang up on a plate hanger or use a plate stand, as I have in the picture. It must be hand washed, and if you ‘hate’ your finished product, the fabric will peel off.

The second project is the angel earrings.

Here are the supplies:

2 teardrop beads (pearl or any color)
2 round beads (for the head)
2 ‘rondelles’ or flat beads for halos (gold or silver)
2 wings (gold or silver)
2 earring wires
1 set earrings

Pliers to cut wires and round pliers to make ring for earring.

I order almost all my beading supplies through only because they are FAST at delivery (will be at your home within 2 days including Saturday orders) and they are the least expensive that I’ve found for my supplies.

Place the teardrop bead, the wing, the round bead, the flat disc on the wire (in that order) and cut and bend it to round to hang from the earring. Attach to the earring and VOILA’…the angel earrings. These cost approximately $2.00 to make. The wings are the most expensive thing and they are $1.34 per pair.

There you are…2 more Homemade With Love projects for your library!

Have a wonderful and creative Monday!


pdiddy said...

I cannot believe you decoupaged plates with my apron fabric. I would also like it noted that I, the husband , have made at least three gifts for my wife. Perhaps some day mine will get post maybe post graduation.

Spookie the Warrior said...

WOW - that decopage plate is SUCH an awesome idea!!! I love it. And the earrings - well, those are also just gorgeous! I really love these ideas. I am going to definitely going to try the decopage plates!!

Lee-ann said...

this is a lovely post and I enjoyed reading it very much too.


Sally said...

I love the plate- and even though I am hopeless when it comes to craft might just give this a try!

Dawn said...

Both projects are adorable! The earrings make me wish I hadn't let my holes close up! They are so cute. I love the plate.

We have women's craft nights at church every once in awhile. My projects never turn out looking like they're supposed to. I'm hopelessly craft-challenged! I can sew, knit, crochet, cross stitch (or used to all of the above), but crafts and I don't get along very well. Maybe I could do the plate!

Thanks for your quick response last night! It has been exciting to find Maryam!

R.G. said...

Oh my goodness, those crafts are so cute. And what adorable gifts they'd make. Thanks for the ideas.

Grafted Branch said...

I love both of these crafts...and kind of feel that just maybe perhaps I could handle the plate. I hope. (A reflection on me, not the craft.) :)

FarmgirlCyn said...

So sweet, especially the earrings. I would way rather give and get, something handmade. These are 2 user friendly ideas!

GiBee said...

You know what? I'm pretty sure that the craft store sells a sealer that you can either spray on or paint onto the finished Decoupaged plate to harden it and protect it.

Anonymous said...


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