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Friday, June 30, 2006

Things I would life to say, but probably won't...

Creative juices have apparently dried up with the heat here lately. I’m not too worried about it; they always seem to find their way back. I just hope it isn’t too long lasting. On the heels of lacking something incredible poignant and/or hilarious to write I found an interesting post yesterday over at Overwhelmed With Joy. It’s called ‘Things I would like to say, but probably won’t…” Apparently she took her lead from Crouching Mommy, Hidden Laundry, whom I haven’t actually visited yet, but intend to very soon!

The point of the “exercise” is to write (for the entire world to see) letters that obviously will only be sent through blog-mail to anyone and everyone you have some words for…

Dear God, I’m having a hard time following your line of thinking lately…at least in my life. If you could give me a few clear indicators, maybe a pat on the head when I’m good (and I don’t mean something actually falling from the sky onto my head, a bit more subtle please); and maybe a crack of thunder when I’m WAY off track…that would be ever-so-helpful to this ‘girl on a journey’!

Dear Mimi and Bubba: Thank you for teaching me such important life lessons on loving and forgiving. I love having you furry friends in my life and I wish I could get you cooler in the summer. My one complaint is the smells you both carry. What’s that about? You’re only outside a total of 30 minutes a day, yet you smell like you haven’t bathed in months…ohhhh you need more baths! Then I would appreciate you both either bathing one another or trying to be a bit less combative when Daddy and I attempt to bathe you. The bathing you in a swimsuit thing just doesn’t work because you have claws of death! Not only do we end up soaking wet, but also covered in dog hair and dog smell! We will only continue to be a ‘part of the pack’ if you ‘clean up your act’.

Dear Niece and Nephews: I love you all so much, though not even 1/10th of how much your mothers love you…the fathers are still thinking about it during commercials. I just want you to know I am always here for you. I will even be here for you when you make those stupid decisions…and you will make them…and it will be okay. That’s how we learn and grow. I am asking that you come to me or some other non-parenting type person over the age of 30 to see if this new scheme really is the ‘best thing that ever happened to you!”

Dear Friends: I COULD not get through one day without you. You are my anchors in life. You know how important it is to laugh and you help make that happen (sometimes without you even knowing it). Thank you for your time, your prayers, your love, your life-investment in me. I hope even when I let you down, because you know I will (especially if it involves phone calls); I will always remember to thank God for you in my prayers!

Dear Google Searchers: Kazoo or Gazoo or whatever his name is…the little green Martian dude from the Flintstones is not here…he is here. I don’t understand the endless fascination with the little guy, but I have a lot of free time ‘on the job’ as well, so maybe it’s out of boredom you search. I hope you find more than Kazoo/Gazoo…I hope you find the Spirit of the Lord here, because more than anything else, that is what I hope I bring a desire to question everything God…and a desire to find the answers too. We are always searching for that…or should be!

Dear Wal-Mart: I am asking you, once again, to at least wipe the smirk off your face when I ask you to remind patrons of the express-check out rules verses regular checkout. Must I do it every time! I am also asking that you at least wait until, maybe 10:00 p.m. before you place the traffic restrictors, aka: pallets in the shopping aisles. If staff is there to work 24 hours couldn’t that restocking be done at a less-trafficked period? I’m just going to say right now, if I fall, and eventually I will fall, and if I see blood, “sorry” is not going to be enough. I’m looking forward to free groceries for life for me and my friends and family. Oh, and do you really think self-checkout was such a good idea?

Dear Lottery Commission: Couldn’t you just give me 3 of the numbers?

Dear Strip Bars on 10th street: You should be ashamed of yourself! There are other ways to make money.

Dear Patrons of Strip Bars on 10th street: Get a life! Go home to your wife/husband and apologize for not being ‘there’ for her/him. If you don’t have a wife/husband, look at where you spend your time/money!

Dear Traffic Police: Why do you get to speed everywhere you go (with or without your lights on) and I don’t? Why do you get to break all the traffic laws? How can you call yourself a public servant?

Dear Embryology Professor at Large University in Norman: I DID in fact get accepted into graduate school, even when you said I should forget about it.

Dear Future Children of Ours: I love you and am praying for you even now!

Dear Lost Items: Where in the world are you and how are you getting there?

Dear Lost Memory: Where in the world are you and how are you getting there?

Dear Husband’s Family: Thank you for creating and raising the most incredible man I’ve ever had the pleasure of falling in love with.

Dear Husband: You are my life and every breath I take while I’m on earth! I love you, I love you and I thank GOD for the day we met!

I think that just about covers it!

Happy Friday…TGIF to the utmost!


Morning Glory said...

"Dear kpjara, Sit back and relax a little with who you are. Sometimes we get so busy doing and searching and analyzing, that we forget the process of simply becoming. The relentless self-evaluation can often trip you up. You have much to offer. Simply do and be and let God decide how it's used."

I like what I see in the window that you open for us to get to know you better.

And when you find your lost memory, will you see if it's hanging out somewhere with mine??

the voice said...

Dear Kpjara,
Don't worry about the so called lack of "creative juices", they're still there. Your still funny as ever. and, umm, do you really say stuff to people with too many items. That is so, so funny. God bless you, Ken

MommaB said...

Creative juices??? Girl, you are brilliant! Why do you think I keep coming back to your site?? I'm considering the "What I would say..." challenge, but after the emails I received from my posting on Tuesday... and my responses to them in yesterday's posting, I think I'll wait a while and let the emotions subside for a while. It's so nice to just rest in His arms. Praying for you and your hubby still. Hope all is well!!

Shalee said...

That is a perfect Friday post. If this is you with no creative juices, then others will never visit my place...

Thanks for the laugh this morning and the serious head nodding (you are so right, sister, about that Walmart express check and the pallets).

Happy Friday back atcha!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog KPJARA. And this post was awesome. What a great idea and loved all of the different people you wrote to. I may have to copy this idea...don't worry, I won't claim it as my own. :) Hope you have a good weekend.

kpjara said...

Morning Glory: I usually feel a bit like that rabbit iN Alice in Wonderland. Not time to say hello goodbye...I'm late, I'm late, I'm late...I'll keep my eyes posted for our memory!

Ken: I've only spoken to a couple of people trying to use express checkout as their personal cashier regardless of number of purchases.

MammaB: That post of yours was powerful! Thanks for the continued encouragement, BTW!

Shalee: I can't wait til we're neighbors either here or heaven...either way we're going shopping together and kick some serious Wal-Mart bootay!

KP: Not to worry about 'stealing' I just stole it from someone too! That's what this whole blogdom is about...only in the much more civilized terminology of "tagging" and "borrowing"! Steal AWAY! I love to read about people. I think I just admitted I'm nosy?

Aunt Murry said...

I like the title...intentional or not.

Dismantle Queen said...

I always manage to recieve after reading from you words of wisdom,Thanks DQ

kpjara said...

You know AUnt Murry...I was screaming (on the inside) when it dawned on me AFTER I READ YOUR COMMENT I had messed up...but I'm going to leave're right, on some level it makes more sense this way! Thanks!

DQ: You are such a sweetie! and so good for my sometimes fragile ego.

Dawn said...

One of the main reasons I don't shop for groceries at Wal-Mart is that exact issue - the pallets in the middle of the aisles - and all the people for whom going to Wal-Mart on a Saturday afternoon seems to be their entertainment for the week! The WHOLE family blocks the rest of the aisle that the pallet is not already taking. Even the great prices aren't worth the aggravation for me.

Grafted Branch said...

These are fun...I did one a couple of months back. You can take a look if you want. I like your's. You're much nicer than I, I think. ;) But I'm working on it.

Grafted Branch said...

Hey! You changed your profile pic! Can you do that!? jk. I'll need a minute to grieve...and adjust. I'll be alright. lol.

GiBee said...

Dear K -- I just want you to know I love you the way you are... don't change one single thing, ya hear me!?!

Smoochies to ya!

And just as an FYI, I did pray for you and P all weekend long. I hope you found clarity and got some direction on the decisions you needed to make!